[DLive] My Kids Are THE SKIPPERS! :D

in #dlive4 years ago


Hey, DLivers! Well, today is an awesome day for me because I am with my kids the whole time this weekend! :D
So, today, I would like to share something cool for you guys and it's all about a thing that could make our kids healthy and exercise their body a lot and at the same time, enjoying it!
So, Hope you'll all like this guys! Stream On! :D

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My video is at DLive


WOW! I can't even do it! 5555! :)
Very good babies of mine! :)

You can but, I think you're shy! Hahaha! 🤣

Very good! Very very good boys!

Yes, they are! 😁

They are very good Skippers teacher @michaelcabiles!

Thank you very much! 😊

Gusto ko rin nyan tito.. Penge ako!

Bibilhan kita pag uwi ko ng pinas Mafie. 😁

Cute cute nmn! Ang gagaling! hehehe

Thank you po! 😊

Nak ng, galing ah! Hahahahahaah!

Kay mo? Hahahhaa! 🤣

They are having lots of fun!
How I want to be a kid again!

Hahah! I feel you! 😁

Ang saya lang maging bata. <3

Hahaha! bata pa nmn tayo ate ah, hahaha! :D

Naku, di na ako pwede jan. Haha!

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