Alex Jones From Home 08/11/18 Infowars Banned! WWW.ALEXJONES.LIVE

in dlive •  8 months ago

Thumbnail and for the Official Infowars App. Email for info.
Please Subscribe | This is a message from Alex Jones recorded from his home in Austin, Texas. Please download and MIRROR. Download the Infowars App here at #FreeAlexJones #YouTubeTvLIVE

NOTE Over a 36 Hour period, WE managed to get 3.6 Million minutes of Alex Jones watched across YouTube! From a channel that was just set up days ago! 500K Views, 6K comments, 200K interactions across Facebook and Twitter! It came as no surprise when they TERMINATED our original channel. One of the videos that was struck was an old video taken over a year AGO of Alex Jones and Eddie Bravo taking about...DINOSAURS!! That EXACT video is STILL available ALL across YouTube! WE are being demonized for NO reason!

My video is at DLive

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Alex Jones name is my favourite name.

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