Why the hell not? - Trying out Dlive

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Alright, full disclaimer. I don't know exactly what I'm doing. However, the ninja plan here is to learn on slow quiet night of crypto carnage, so that I can implement the things I learn today to our bi-weekly Helpienaut meetings.

What can you expect from this Stream? - In short. Absolutely anything. There is no plan, none whatsoever, maybe if some people show up, i'll rant, maybe I'll just play some tunes. But... the mission here is learning.

Full disclaimer. You've been disclaimed. Go now in peace....

My live stream is at DLive


That fallen bike pic is making me laugh so much but I don't seem to be able to catch replay

you are laughing at my pain!! whaaaaa


awww just giggled a little, were you ok?
btw never had a byke.... so that's probably what would happen to me

And I think it's a great idea to stream the helpie meetings. I think that's pretty much a brilliant idea, actually. Let's doooo it.

Nice to see that you are willing to give this awesome in house venue a try. Would have been nice that you has a broadcaster from another site would have done some research before coming here and trying it out. I say this because you have a flock of people that follow you already. I am done with the rant portion of this message.
You were all good in the beginning of the stream. The OBS sweet was streaming so the only thing you needed to do was pause the broadcast on the "chat page" and keep the chat page open. What I do is have two monitors and keep the OBS software and the dlive chat page on the other one. That way you can see the statistics, change the details, chat with the folks.
Finally, you came here. I hope it was because of me consistently do broadcasts and videos telling peeps on how great @dlive is to the steem community. Sorry, I had to make myself look important....laugh my friend...at me if you want to....
I had lots of videos and broadcasts but my account was [email protected] up by some mysterious sanfoo.
Well, good to see you tried it out.
I hope you receive this message (you did not mute me) be well. Roberto or meat popsicle, however you want to address me.

Hey man... I have nothing but good wishes for you. No animosity whatsoever, i did see you praising dlive once. So, i figured its a good time to learn it!

Thanks for the tips

Thanks for responding @meno
Your video about attitude and not looking at others like they received a something for nothing is touching. I used to be the same way, then life took a big dump on me. It has been very trying for me. Very difficult to keep my cool with individuals that do not show who they are...
I am very upfront..caring of all of humanity...for sure not greedy.
I am currently in a very bad spot, not even sure what is going to happen in the next couple of days. With that said, keep the good vibes. I hope you can keep them. I hope you stay the way you are. I hope.

amazing feedback loop!!!

i showed all my noob colors today! :P


i think my internet connection is also not that great... i will run some more tests... :)


i've just laughed so hard at this !!!! you cracka me uppa