✳️ Promoting Steemit - How Do You Do It❓ Here is How I'm Doing It❗️✳️ ...and I believe it is a FIRST❗️❗️

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Hey everyone!
Check out my latest upgrades to my windows at my music school!
In this @dlive #dlivevlog I'll show everyone how it looks. Pics will be on the #steemit page. I must admit, it looks very cool! :-)

Here is the BIG Plus:

It is right where everyone walks in, so when they ask "What is Steemit?" we have an opportunity to tell people about it.
In fact, one of my admin staff did ask. He forgot, actually, that I told him about it some time back. 😊

So I did tell him once again ...we'll see if he bites.


Thanks everyone, Steem On!

Special Thanks: @steevc @verhp11 @jaynie @coruscate @curie @dlive @shello @mammasitta


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That's really cool. Getting people talking is the first step. I think news will spread fast amongst musicians. Have you considered taking Steem payments?


Not yet on the steem payments, but I am going to try again to come out with more guitar products for steemians though.


Can you get the link on your web page too? It's all cool


I will be adding it at some point ...with a bunch of other upgrades to the site.

Every time someone asks "what's steem?" Is an opportunity


Yes, indeed. Looking forward to telling more people about it. :-)

Thats awesome I love it @melbookermusic ! Way to promote Steemit!😀💕💕💕✌🎶🎻🎼🎹🎵


@karenmckersie Thanks!!! We have about 250 students now, plus many other customers coming in, so I thought this would be a great way to promote it. :-)

Excellent to see this my man!

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Thanks!!! Hopefully it will give me an opportunity to tell many more people about steemit. :-)


Yes! Me too, and you know it will. People be all, "What's Steemit?"

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i would love to see musicians here at steemit singing contests are going on openmic challenge i dont know who is owner of that but many contest are going on
#MusicOn #Steemon #Loveon
lots of love for melbookermusic


Thanks much!!! :-)