Drawing Angelina Jolie

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Hello everyone! This time I decided to make the portrait of American actress, filmmaker and humanitarian activist Angelina Jolie. I hope you enjoy it and thank you very much for watching. Stop, comment and you can ask any question, I'll be happy to answer.


Here is the video of me drawing Angelina Jolie


Hope you enjoyed this post

My video is at DLive


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Hi @smartworld Thanks for the comment i´ll look into that.

Wow! This is really stunning @mcgrafite. You've captured Angelina beautifully here and I'm sure if she saw it, she would love it. Thank you for coming over to steemit. I would not have seen this otherwise.

Hi @choogirl Thanks for the comment, hope to see you in future posts

I like the overall composition, balance of lights and darks and the gradients for the shadows. I especially enjoy how you rendered the details in her lips, eyes and her baby hairs.

Hi @stateofmindmmd thanks a lot for your detailed comment and yes that makes all the difference

This is an amazing drawing! Great job on making a nice payout from this post :)

Hi @artbyclark thanks for the comment, and yes it´s great to see finally a nice payout 😊

enjoy? It is beautiful to look at! keep it up.

Hi @drawing4life 😊 , thank you, and thanks for the comment

amazing draw! super realistic! I also make realistic draw


If you like it you can see the process in my last post :D

Hi @jackmanblue thanks for the comment, i also went pasted some of your posts and you also have grade drawings to

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