Ulog Entry of Mave!! | Two for One Ulogging in DLive!

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So this is my 2nd video in Dlive and this is in support of our boy Terry and my contest! I thought the timing couldn't be so perfect as I attempt to pull off a tongue twister as well as explain Ulogs!

I have to say that when Terry shared the idea of Ulog I was thinking it was simple yet so ingenious! It came at the most perfect time when people were demotivated with the bear market and content creation and interaction was at its all-time low.

So Terry in one of his moments of testing which was harder his head or the wall moments came up with an idea to motivate people to write about something they know! Write about themselves.

Who is the biggest expert on you? Well of course it's you!! Some would say that yes most people are already creating content about themselves so how is this any different?

Well majority of what people would write about is their extreme highs and lows. It is when they did something they are really excited about like going on a trip, getting married, winning a contest. It can also be when they are at their absolute lowest and things are not doing well.

Yet most of us live our lives in the middle. People think that the middle is boring and mundane. Yet it is your life! What might be ordinary to you is something extraordinary to us.

We get to see how you live your life. See your hopes and dreams, your failures and sadness and everything in between.

So write about you Ulogs. Tell us your story and be part of the movement that will change not just Steem but the internet.

You matter, let us be your fans and embrace your celebrityhood.

If you want to join Terry's contest you can go here
We Are Taking ULOGGING On DLIVE In The First Official #ulog Contest. A PlayFul Contest Without "Losers" Where We Will Get Better Insight Into The Grand Picture For ULOGS.ORG

Now my contest has ended but you are more than encouraged to make a short video on what Ulog means to you! Tag me as I would love to see you.

My video is at DLive

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you lol so cool with that sonorous voice of yours, it's he first time I'm seeing you you've got some cool James bond Mojo, well I guess DLIVE is feeling the vibration Of Ulogs, I did my own as well on Monday I'd lie you to give me a feedback of what you think?


Meanwhile this is cool, nice books you're reading

Ahahahha yours was funny and very Josediccus!! Great job there man!! I have been terrible and been stuck playing online games lately hahahhaa

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You mean not singing when you should be singing right? Hahahaha wow man, serious online games 😁

dapat inulit ulit nyo din parang ganun kay @sn0white hehe

Ahahahhahha short and sweet lol

I am waiting for yours!!

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I'm a fan of ulog, it has helped me to put down some of the amazing moments of my life, I will surely go on dlive for our own Terry... Smile

I will upload one shortly.

Indeed doing a Ulog on some of our amazing moments in life is a great way for us to be able to save those memories and share it with people.

Do it create a dlive video of Terry!

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Galing! Apir sir mav!

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Not as good as yours hahahhaha I loved the video you made for my contest and it was something that Terry was happy as well!

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Wow it's my first time seeing you on cam. I blinked twice as I thought you're Ely Buendia..you kind of resemble to him.. but you are more good looking than him actually.

Isang "Ligaya" naman dyan or "Fruitcake" 😂😂😂

You made my day sir @maverickinvictus. Thanks for Ulog! 💕

Ahahahhaha I get that a lot especially when my hair is longer and gives it a more curly look!

Ahahahah OMG a song request lol

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posting very extraordinary, very good quality I really like your friend post

Thank you though this is my post not done by a friend of mine

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@maverickinvictus man you explained everything of precisely. You set a new bar.
I never seen your ULOGGing to much you should do it mire oftenly

Thank you so much for the kind words. I am a bit shy but I will try to do more videos.

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Very good video

Thank you! You should consider joining as well

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Very nice sir mav, I thought you're gonna sing, haha

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Very interesting place to shoot, love the background and pretty much how ulog was explained - like it is almost impossible to really say ULOG without U - the very essence of ULOG. You did great job sir!

I never thought I would ever see you outside of your burning man like mask/outfit you have on discord. It was nice seeing that your skin and hair was as smooth as a peeled avocado, I mean your voice!

Hey, hopefully what I about to say won't be taken the wrong way, but try and putting a sticker or a dot of sorts by your camera lens. It will help you look at your audience better! I learned that from @divard! Thanks for all that you do!

Ahahahhaa I don't know about being likened into a peeled avocado.

I am still a bit self-conscious so my eyes are darting all over the place and after making the video I did notice that hahaha.

Hopefully I would be more comfortable in doing videos as I want to do more vlog type Ulogs.

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Aw nice to see your face! Scifi and fantasy is my fav section too.

I love this content so much - I've seen your name and read your posts, and now I get to meet you 'in person' :) I loved your video- and how passionate you are about Ulogs.

What might be ordinary to you is something extraordinary to us.

This is so true, and exactly what I'm excited to read more of every day- people's everyday lives.

By the way, you never told us... what book did you buy??
E x

Thank you so much Eveningart!! And your video on Ulog was so great!

A lot of people have this notion that they can only post about the extremes like very good things or very bad things that happen to them.

Then you are in the right place with Uloggers then hahahahha!

Oh I got it the Thousand pieces of you which is about parallel worlds!!

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Aw, thanks so much- that means a lot. Yes- extremes are fine- but that middle ground, that's where real, day-to-day life is happening!

Ooh you did go for Thousand Pieces - I'd love to read a review when you finish it! Sounds intriguing. I need a new fantasy read in my life at the moment. E x

Congratulations sir Mav! At long last you've showed up your face. Cool!
WOW! Thanks to ulog we've seen the real you and you looked great and the voice..Ooohh! You sounded like a DJ. 👍👍👍

Ahahahha I have showed my face several times already and made a 3 videos .

Lol I don't know why people say that but I don't like my voice hahahha!

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  ·  last year (edited)

Watch you later 😅
Naiinis ako sa dLive wala ipfs di ko talaga maview sa bulok kong iPhone.

ahahahha yeah I was supposed to upload it to Youtube after uploading it to Dlive but forgot hahahahah

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