Rules of Suvival: fail the exam

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I hope the protection system of this game is upgraded so no one can use cheat anymore, if this game nobody cheat I think it will be great.

hey how are you ? ;)

when you read the messages of course;) don't forget to put @alucare;)

@alucare Because I see people playing this game use cheat


change games, it's not because cheating people is cheating it's a fucking vicious circle otherwise, it's not because someone kills a guy in real life that you're going to kill? I hope so;) think about what you're doing nothing is harmless

can you explain to me why you're cheating? ;)


we'll see, I can't know what's in the head of the creators of the game...

@alucare They just bought this game from the publisher but they did not develop this game, so I think it will be long before the cheat is removed from the game. :))

@alucare I remember the first time playing this game. I do not know about cheat. I was hiding, running a lot. But the bullets came from somewhere and I did not react, After a while playing, I know those cheat ...