Photographing Lion Cubs!

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A few years ago I visited the region I grew up in, in foothills of the Magaliesberg mountains in South Africa. Not far from there was a Lion Park which I visited as a child. When I went back to my old stomping grounds I decided to pop into the park with my family to take some photos for old times sake.


I got a few shots of Lions and Lionesses, but the treat was being let into an enclosure to spend time with lion cubs. What are they like? Like rambunctious kittens. Just much larger and much stronger. When I first got inside they were sleeping and I managed to get a few shots like this.


When they woke up, I was determined to get some closeups of their faces. Much harder than you’d imagine! Either they were ‘attacking’ me playfully or play fighting with each other. Eventually I figured out a strategy. Hold the camera low to the ground, start running backwards and trigger continuous shooting on the camera.

The video shows that sequence and the final picture I was able to get!


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I don't know why but as of recently I've just been looking at loads of Tiger related videos.
It is just addicting watching these amazing animals interact with humans.
Great video and photograph markvicente
So adorable!!! haha


Ah thanks! They are beautiful creatures aren't they!!

Omg amazing photos!! heading to watch the Dlive vid now :)


Very cool what lead up to the final picture :D Soooo cute ^_^