Can you really do what you love?

in dlive •  9 months ago


Can you really do what you love in life? I am the first one to tell anyone that this is so. But my experience has been quite different than what I actually imagined. This is my first livestream! Let's see where it goes :)

My live stream is at DLive

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It was awesome :) have fun :) Vlog :) that is all there is to it :)

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thank you! i am having problems connecting to the server

Well that is never good darling what seems to be the rpoblem

Yeee you are on now :) great !!

that sounds like a lot of fun :) It sounds that you do what you want but just too many things :) I am on the same path I dropped Marketing and Sales and 3 firms to write poetry :) hah

So you need some one to cheer you up :)

Awesome Video :) I follow you now !

Thanks for watching angelveselinov! :)!!

and that's so cool about your poetry, how is that going?

Well it is gone great :) actually I made a poetry community here and we are starting a online magazine soon too :) I have history with poetry been writing fro more than 10 years ... :) I have also quite huge twitter account where I write micropoetry more than 3000 micropoems posted :)

Also I do :) Friday Dlive Talk Show with one friend from the poets community :) Tomorrow 10PM GMT : ) come join us :)

oo cool, just followed you!

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