EOS Knights Game!

in dlive •  3 months ago


I'm going to give a quick demo of the EOS Knights game that I started playing with today. It's a game on the EOS blockchain, and it just went live!

My live stream is at DLive

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Nice Review! I've been playing the Beta, and liked it because you can play a bit aside, dont need to have your full attention on it all the time. Still i got the feeling the mainchain version is a bit slow...hope the network isn't clogged already ;-)


It's been working great for me so far, but you'll have to have a lot of EOS staked on CPU to play it a lot.


Well its well above the recommended minimum stake, but lets see... its only the first day!

Seems really cool man. Maybe I'll give this a try as well.

It's actually quite assuring in a way to see projects, no matter small or big building up on EOS :-)

I just had to test it!! 😂😂... bought a sword and bustin up some goblins as I write this lol

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Nice! Yeah, I've been having way too much with it. I already used up 6.03 min of CPU. I had to delegate more to it which shows me how much EOS is going to be in demand if anyone builds a super killer app people will need.


That’s the truth! 2019 be there year of dapps!

That's cool !! Thank you for your interest in our game.

Fantastic review! Just started playing myself :)

I never play games and got hooked on this one! Oh man it's great.

It seems good! I will try too :)