[dlive] The Left Has Shamefully Neglected Cryptocurrencies

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Just a bit of a polite rant from me as I walk through the streets of Penarth.

Let me know what you think!

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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Once again it was nice to see you on a much different location than usual.
I personally am not able to connect to politics as a lot of other people.

People like to claim that governments are just made of people so they are the people and thus their wrongs are at large peoples fault. It is bit f tiresome argument as it is clear from logic that this type of thinking is severely lacking in insight. The earlier argument is like saying that water is same as hydrogen and oxygen. Even though water molecules are comprised of H and O but clearly oxygen, hydrogen and water are there different things.

As a crude analogy we can consider that governments are made from political parties that are made of political agendas and then there are people in that system conforming to that agenda.

When it comes to crypto we have a very real chance of making a difference without being tied to agendas that have been for decades if not centuries affected by factors beyond what is taught to us at school. At the risk of coing across as a 'tin foil hat', let me just say that this ecosystem has the potential to evolve on its own and the usual nexus's of power in this world cannot affect it as much. At the very least we have a little more control here

Isn’t it interesting? If you look at bitcoin itself, it’s not left wing, it’s not right wing, not even libertarian, bitcoin is neutral. And yet, there are sooo many political activists against cryptocurncy. Sometimes I wonder what their motivation is? Oh wait a minute, if they are in trouble, they print more money. If the financial institutions are in trouble, they print more money. Now, can they do it with bitcoin? Of course not. As a matter of fact, bitcoin doesn’t need any financial institutions. It’s no brainer to understand why politicians are not much in a favor of bitcoin and overall cryptocurency. I bet when they print, they take a junk of it for themself as well. Do you really think Obama lives like a king from his presidential salary ($400,000.00 per year) and spends millions and millions $’s on his vacations? The truth is, bitcoin is mostly the future for regular, honest and hard working people who have had enough of this corrupt system. Isn’t it parody they say “bitcoin is great tool for money laundering?”. Lol, I always thought fiat cash is the best tool for money laundering.


I agree with you and i think that bitcoin and Cryptocurrency is perfectly compatible with the original meaning of the word "Socialism", which means workers to be in control of the means of production.

It's possible your hypothesis is correct but

  1. Can you provide some examples of prominent leaders or conservative/right wing politics openly supporting/engaging with Blockchain ?

  2. Since the idea of Crypto ( anti FIAT/anti State) jives so much more with Libertarian/Anarchism politics it is only natural that they would be first adopters of such tech. This leads to the left leaning denizens (like me or you)of steemit to self censor at times to avoid unnecessary( or overwhelming) conflict so you will see a tipping point where a lot of diverse viewpoint will emerge at some point ( SMTs/communities maybe)?


tks for the upvote ...any examples for point 1 that come to mind ?


Most of the banks agree block chain is good just not bitcoin lol! Look at ripples client list.

I totally agree. I consider myself a progressive, too. Check out @davidpakman. He's into Steem and other cryptocurrencies and he's pretty active on DTube and DLive, and he's definitely on the left.

Agreed with you! Overall, it seems that governments are paying more attention about the way blockchain and cryptocurrencies could impact the traditional industries that form their economies like financial institutions and others. Instead, they should look at the benefits it could bring to society in the form of improved governance, cheaper government services, improve wealth distribution, among many others. Unfortunately, the politicians that run governments are backed financially by the first group which would bring them in conflict of interest although the real conflict is not supporting their citizens.

I liked the walkwithme part of this video very very much! Please do more of them! Please do go to different parts of the city where you live. It's always interesting to see new places.

I think what most prominent figures in the left would say about crypto, if asked, would be along the lines of what most mainstream people say at this stage, namely, that it is for criminals, computer nerds, and speculators. The left tends to harbor an intense dislike of the financial system and I suspect most of them would be suspicious of cryptocurrencies as an asset class. Also, most leftists tend to favour a strong state. Anything that can be seen as eroding state power tends to be disliked by the left. That seems to be the case at least in the developed world. It might be different in third world right-wing dictatorships.

We Coming very soon! ;)

The left ignore it because it's still money.

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Great content per usual, thanks for sharing. Cheers mate!

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Hi Louis,
thanks for a thought provoking rant. I am a socialist and share your frustration with the failure of the Left internationally to engage with crypto.
In the UK I have heard prominent Labour MP's such as Diane Abbott regurgitate the tired old slurs about crypto being the plaything of criminals and tax dodgers. Such comments reveal a complete ignorance of the potential of crypto.
The Left really does need to engage with the huge potential of blockchain for direct democracy, never mind its ability to stamp out election fraud which is endemic across the world.
In Brazil there is an initiative in its Congress, endorsed by the government, to use the Ethereum blockchain for recording votes in referendums while in the crypto hub of Zug, Switzerland there are plans to test a blockchain based e-voting system.
Keep up the good work.

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I've found that very few of my friends, family and acquaintances have the slightest interest in crypto. I don't know if it's because they're left wing. I used to be pretty left wing - I even went to see Owen Jones speak in public - but now I tend to see the whole left/right thing as just another form of manipulation and a power game.
One thing that interests me is your use of the word "shamefully", because one characteristic of the "left" is its sense of ethics, more so than with other political leanings. Many people on the "left" don't like the idea of actively trying to enrich themselves, and they may see crypto as a way of trying to get richer without putting in hard work.
They don't understand that while crypto can be used for speculation and enrichment, it can also be seen as simply a fairer and less centralised way to exchange goods and services than our existing monetary systems.

The left as a movement has failed as a whole not just in regards to crypto currency.

I feel like the UK has a very backwards approach to crypto because of the technology being so disruptive if it could have been ban it would have with both parties cheering it's demise as a victory against terrorism. now we just have some weird regulations resulting in people converting pounds to euros to use the likes of Kraken and coinbase. Or with the really rich being able to use coinfloor etc.