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Time-lapse colored pencils - The myths about being an Artist

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Hi @vaansteam, I think you have struck on some very important points here and ones that I can relate to as an artist.

For many years, I avoided pursuing art as a serious endeavour due to those same misconceptions held by people around me.

It was only recently, over the last few years I decided to pursue my art work.

In terms of being talented or not, it is much like sports. Where some basic talent and ability is necessary, but to be successful, you must go through training and be disciplined.

I am hoping with the rise of the steem platform, we can have more people pursuing their passions as careers. If we remove the middle men and allow the rewards to flow directly to creators, it is a far more efficient system.

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Hello @livvu, I've always avoided pursuing art because of these reasons. Steemit has helped realize my potential. I hope you keep doing what you love. Life is too short to be unhappy.


Yes you are right @vaansteam ! Btw, last time I planned to draw with charcoal for an art project I did with an ekip making documentary movie. But in the end they choose the scribbled style. I'll try drawing with charcoal another time