Steem Monster Show LIVE NOW! - @o07 AND @cryptkeeper17 gave away TONNNNNZZZ of cards!!!!!

in dlive •  4 months ago


Come catch the show guys! @o07 and @cryptkeeper17 are feeling generous.

We talked about the kickstarter, the battles, new music, cool art, @jarvie and I going to Comicon tomorrow....and best of all, @o07 hemorraging Monster cards on the show! Everyone got SERIOUSLY hooked up. Like...hooked up. I think he gave away over 60 cards during the show!!!!

It was nuts.

@cryptkeeper donated a gold foil as well! It was bananas!

My live stream is at DLive

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Have fun :)


Thanks Matt! We miss you! Can't wait to catch you when you're around.

Wow that's so awesome @cryptkeeper @o07 @littlescribe!!! I'm giving away some packs also...maybe I need to team up with you guys! Sounds like you're doing it right!


Actually, we are getting pretty good coverage on the Steem Monster Show. The audience base is decent for steem, but still small. Thing is, the retention level is 80% and the base grows every week. If you would like to sponsor the show, I'm sure we could fit you in to dole out every week.

Grr, I missed your show again! I've always enjoyed your show, and would love to get there on time for it more often. Have a great time tomorrow at the Comic Con.

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Oh no! The ONE week you miss, and it's like card frenzy day!!!

Don't worry. We'll toss it around pretty decently every week.