Sarajevo - first impressions

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Hi my dear Steemit friends! I'm in Sarajevo, the Capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina and so much is going on here, that i couldn't find the time to write about it yet.

To give you a first impression of this beautiful City you can check out my Dlive video I made and hope you like it! More to come soon!!;-)

My video is at DLive


Its look nice city before civil war

I have read, heard and talked about Sarajevo before. After watching the streets, rivers and the shops in the video, for the first time I have thought about visiting Sarajevo.

I was in Sarajevsko a few years ago. There was a small italian spot I liked outside of town, but in town, Sarajevska Pirvara is a must stop. Richly decorated with wood, fresh beer and awesome steaks. My recommendation if I only had one to make.

hey,i am here follow you

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