Dlive in Morocco; A day on the train from Fes to Marrakech

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Here is the Dlive that I made on the train from Fes to Marrakech and my first day in the hostel in Marrakech.

It took 9 hours from Fes to marrakech. I bought the first class ticket and it’s really cheap and it was very comfortable.

I had always thought Morocco had desert climate before I went to Morocco, and after when I was finally in Morocco, I saw a lot of green land in North and East Morocco.

On March, it’s always raining in most place of Morocco, it was such heavy rain from fez to marrakech whole the way.


My video is at DLive


i love marrakech oooh

amazing one dear, hope you areee having a wonderful time in our country.

I did have an amazing time! Unfortunately I'm back in cold Europe now...


哈哈哈哈 快去

I used that same train! a shame it was so cloudy! hope you enjoyed it, Fes is really nice

Yes the ride was very good. I bought a 1st class ticket and it was super nice..!

North Africa (Well, Africa in general...) Has always been on my list of places to go but I haven't made it there yet. Hope you are having fun!

Yes, I have to say since I spent 3 months in South and East Africa, i became a really big fan of Africa in general! A huge and super divers continent with a lot still to see and explore!!

I've had a few friends head south from Kenya to South Africa and only said good things. I also had a friend who volunteered in Tanzania at an orphanage for a few months and raved about the country and the people.

I'm not a diver myself, but I can imagine the clear blue seas would be an excellent place to explore, plus it's not massively touristy so it would be pretty much untouched, especially compared to the more well known diving places like in Thailand and Australia

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