Dlive to most cool and oldest Arabic market

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This is the most famous and biggest open market in Morocco. It has been existed since 12th century. You can see the real life of Morocco, and when you stand in this chaotic and crowed, you will feel it already happens for many centuries, so you can feel its mysterious, just like the stories from The Thousand and One Nights.

My video is at DLive


Nice video. The market sounds like it has a carnival like atmosphere. Cacophonous. Thanks for sharing. Three weeks until my trip!

Thanks @coldsteem! Yes, its truely an amazing place! Looking forward to reading your experiences!😊

Everyone come to morocco must visit Marrakech its wonderful city you can fond everything food , bazars , shows ....

You lucky ;)

love that spot!

cool!! upvoted! check out my stream :D

There is a lot going on there :-). How long have you been traveling in Marocco? Sunny greetings from Bali

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