Exclusive DLive Video 18: Protest in Hungary!

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Hungary just had an election and people don't seem too happy, judging by the protest I went to! This video includes some of my protest of the actual protest at the end!

If you're new to my DLive channel check out my introduction video here: https://dlive.io/video/lauracody/97dbc730-418c-11e8-9b3d-0f0ee12e30d8

Thank you for watching, feel free to leave a comment below!

My video is at DLive


Premier minister of Hungary is completely right. If Hungary accept the migrants. The health and education system there will be much more worse.

Not every migrant are Welcome. If the migrant come to bring value to the country that he is arrived, Ok. They are welcome. These migrant come to the country speaking the language of the country that they are arriving. They generally have labor skills. They respect and are pretty to learn the culture of their new country.

On the Other Hand, the majority of migrants who are incoming in Europe don't speak any western language, almost all of them are not skilled people. Their religion doesn’t respect ours faiths and values. They don’t accept western legal rules. When the numbers of Islamic people are sufficient big. They postulate to be judge by islamic Sharia law. This law system are totally against ours value, ours laws. Your country, United Kingdom, has many Sharia Islamic courts.

The birth rates among Islamic people are much higher than western people. Most of them are sustainable by the govern welfare programs. This money came from taxes that will payed by all citizen, especially the historical British citizens like you. The situation will no be sustainable forever. One day the system will be broken.

Islamic religion accept Christians woman would be raped by Muslims. When Islamic totally conquest one land they subjugate all infidels. Christians and Jews must pay heavy taxes to live subjugated in Islamic land.

Islamic people and other religions are not able to leave together in peace. Islamism doesn’t accept others faiths and values. Fight against infidels is a rule of Islamic faith.

It was certainly interesting to see so many people at that protest!

Agreed my love! xxx

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