Understanding Attachement - With 5 SBD Easter Egg

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@larrymorrison with my ace, @OGC. We were in the Steem Creators Studio when an inspiration struck, and you know me, I have to follow it.

Wanted to talk about attachment. What I mean by attachment is simply the attachment to an idea that something is supposed to go a certain way. Another word for it would be expectation. So when you attach to an idea that things are supposed to go a certain way and it goes a different way, you are given a great gift, you are presented an opportunity to be flexible. However, most people yell, scream, get angry, or frustrated.

To give an example let's say I'm in a relationship or a friendship. What if you have an expectation that you are going to go and meet that person at a certain event, but that doesn't happen. Then you get super upset. Your buttons get pushed because now you have this vision in your mind about what was supposed to take place and it went somewhere else and you're freaking out because you're attached to a thought. But in reality it could be a million times better by letting that thought go and to go with the flow.

I had an attachment just recently. We hired someone to create our Steem Creators Conference website and I was expecting it would be amazing. And it was a disaster, just a horrible website. And I was pissed. I was very frustrated. I let all that anger boil up and burst out of me. But then I let go, when I. I realized maybe the universe is trying to tell me something. I'm the one on Steem always preaching about you can be, do, and have whatever you want and if I want a great website, go do it. So I spent a better part of last week with almost no sleep fixing this thing. I can say now that from where I stand today it truly was a gift because I have a new skill. We have an amazing website. Everything worked out the way it was supposed to work out. But that anger, if I'd stayed attached to it, I wouldn't have seen it as a blessing.

@OGC, Carly: “I have actually one of my best friends and she works on this as well, it's something I want to communicate to her. She has an expectation around birthdays, anniversaries, all of those dates that have to be a certain way. And she puts all of these expectations, not only on the date, she puts the expectations on all of the people around her to make sure that these dates are just perfect. The food, the timelines, the decorations, the places where it's going to happen, everything has to be perfect and it puts undue stress on all of her friends, on her loved ones. And then when things don't work out exactly how she thinks are supposed to, then she gets really upset and oftentimes she is upset at every single birthday, holiday, significant date. It ruins everything. That's what attachment can do."

As far as law of attraction goes, if you're attempting to make something be a certain way, just the law of attraction is going to bring about all of the problems that you're thinking about, all of the possible negative scenarios that's going to happen, so more than likely, no matter what, you're just going to have a negative experience out of it anyway.

If you're forcing something to happen the way you have envisioned it, instead of letting the universe show you what they have envisioned, it is going to cause problems. There's a great saying that your imagination can not even scratch the surface of what's possible. That's what the universe can make if you will allow and flow with it. So I hope that gives a little food for thought.

Let us know your thoughts on attachment. One of the things that you're attached to that maybe you can start to let go of. Start to look at more things that you've come in the past.

Give us a comment, let us know what you think and the first person to comment with the names of Carly's @OGC’s dogs successfully, will send you $5 SBD

Much love to @steemcafe, @joepate47, and @ogc for making this film and having fun doing it.

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Attachment to an outcome can indeed be a negative aspect within your mind. It can ruin a good relationship or experience. I am a go with the flow type of guy so my attachments are minimal. Top notch post on this topic, Larry! Carly’s dogs’ names: Douglas and Nugget.

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Oh! Beat me to it! Haha! I hope things are going great Ken!

Scott! My brother! Enjoying the summer with 3 boys to keep me busy. You coming to Toronto?

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I so wish I was, but it's not going to happen for me. Just got too much going on during that time. I hope you all have a ton of fun and I'll see you at the next one!

Aww man. The next one will be in Austin in April 💪🏻

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I believe I will be able to attend that one! Looking forward to it already...

YEaaaaaaa. I'd go to Austin. That sounds super fun

Yes!!! Ken with the win!! Great job!

Thank you Carly 😊

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Thank you Larry! How you been lately?

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Loooove this video. First of all, I love that you had an easter egg!! That's so funny because I was just thinking about those earlier today and how I used to do more - but have gotten out of the practice.

Secondly, I totally love this topic and could definitely relate to both you and @ogc's stories. One thing I've been working on more lately is trying to take more "inspired action" and really getting aligned before action as much as possible.

So the idea of attachment has definitely come up a lot. There are so many things that i've realized I do... simply because it is a habit - or because I have a certain association between combining activities.

Awesome video that definitely sparks discussion! Re-steemed! :)

LEA!!! I actually got the idea of the Easter Egg from you
For me, taking action is such a habit that waiting for inspiration and using inspired action has become like adjusting to a new leg. I'm trusting it more and more but it is not a switch I can just turn on and go yet.

We actually made a second video because this topic sparked such a good discussion

Thank you for the support as always luv!

Thanks luv!

Doug and Nugget! Excellent episode! Yeah, I've had people in my life who can't handle things not going exactly as planned. I may even be guilty on a rare occasion but I usually am able to go with the flow and just enjoy whatever comes my way. Cheers!

You are super easy to get along with, and I can tell that you could probably rectify personal issues within yourself a little easier than some. It’s an inner peace that helps that all.

Thanks @ogc! I like to think that is all true :)

I am a man. I want to build a house to leave my mark on this land. I am now attached to the construction. I planted a tree, I raised children. Do you think I'm right or not ??

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