Battlefield V Livestream With and @cheech-oz

in dlive •  2 months ago


So of late my current gaming addiction is Battlefield V, it is super addictive and just amazing to play.

I will admit it is in it's beta release, so this is a limited time access deal - but also not everything is working and in fact it is driving me a little insane with some of the glitches.

So viewer beware, it might get shitty and kick the game - I will do all I can to keep the stream going if that happens, but I wanted to mention it just in case.

I think we will be getting the game and I so hope they fix the issues, but even with them I am still itching to play - so it must be good on some level.

As always please consider this your language warning and hope you enjoy the stream!

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I've never been too big on the Battlefield series but I definitely can't argue that it's a great looking game!


This is the first Battlefield I've played, at least I think it is - but yeah I'm pretty obsessed now, even with the glitches it's still one of the better games available atm.

Great 👍
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