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Well here we are again fine people, another Friday night of gaming! - well it's technically now Saturday morning, but the night is still young!

Tonight we are hoping to play GTA-V for a little while, now I do love this game - but it can get a little annoying when modders and hackers, start making life difficult.

I am hoping whatever session we end up in, we can at least complete a few missions - but if things get shitty, we will probably swap to racing.

Then again if it get's bad enough, we may just swap back over to the Darwin Project again - it is a great way for a big group of us, to hang out and play a few rounds.

It's always intense and we end up enjoying ourselves, but someone always suffers the dreaded lag - still we will see how it all plays out anyways.

Also I'd love any feedback you have, I am new to live streams so let me know what your liking and what your not - we can tailor this experience to be awesome for all involved!

As always please consider this your language warning and hope you enjoy the stream :D

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buen post

I am a long time and day one GTA die-hard, I don't like anything in particular, @krystle, I love everything!!!