Playing The Darwin Project - Live Stream With and @pechichemena!

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Well I hope you have all been enjoying my new style of content, I have been having a blast - even though I'm not winning every match, I'm figuring out things as I go and I think I'm improving on some level at least!

It has been a lot of fun to get to game with friends from steemit as well, I have played a few matches with the awesome @meno - well today I hit up @pechichemena and he likes gaming too hehe, I have him downloading the game as we speak :D .

I'm not sure if we can get @meno again, but I'm gonna try - I kinda want to watch the brothers battle it out, mind you @pechichemena might just kill us all!

He has never played this before so maybe I have a chance not to die immediately, but I seriously doubt it lol - this is all for fun people, if you can't enjoy someone killing ya don''t play :P

Well let me know if you guys are liking these live streams, I try to play for a few hours and I am working on the whole talking thing - so in time who knows what they will be like!

Here we go people's and a quick mention we might be getting some others joining us too if I'm lucky - enjoy the game :D

My live stream is at DLive

So update, unfortunately @pechichemena's computer is not cooperating so he can't join us, but we did manage to get @meno, @clayboyn and @hz432creations - were having some fun trying to kill each other and it's been great :D

I think in the end most of us had a winning round, I know I won one round - may have won a couple in the end, not to mention @clayboyn definitely kicked some serious ass there at the end (so close to kicking ausbit's ass :P ).

It has been decided, we need to do more of these in the future - it really was great in the private sessions, hanging out with mates from steemit and gaming for a couple of hours.

I think there is a big match in our future, where we can get a big group together and see what happens - it was already way more eventful with another 2 or 3 people, so I'm looking forward to see what we manage here in the future!


Good .. Thanks i formation

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