[SpeedPaint #2] "Glass Camera Filter" Girl | KorinKrafting

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A very very speedy project! The fastest I've made so far! Can you believe that a slowpoke like me made this one on a total of 3 hours? (3 days, 1 hours each) I must say, I did great. Can I pat myself in the back? LOL

The inspiration for this one is Facebook's camera filter and a picture I took myself with the said camera. I love the pastel vibe. It's very refreshing and a breather for all the red drawing I made.

On another note, to all my fellow artists, are you joining Inktober this year? I read the official prompts and plan to make an Inktober X Anime crossover. Have you prepared your stuff for Inktober?

If you like the stuff I make, I would appreciate if you would resteem this post and upvote it if you feel generous.

Thanks for stopping by.

See you on my next post.



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Awesome sis

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Thanks @junebride! Glad you liked it!

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Very cute !! Beautiful and clean line art and her expression is really nicely done <3 Love the colours, also, @korinkrafting :D :D

And yep, I'm joining Inktober for sure ! I did inktober last two years and that was stressful but fun also :D hahahaha


Oh my, thank you @veryspider!
Are you following the official prompt?
I have a full time job so I won’t be able to post everyday but I will definitely join!
Let’s do this!!

no i usually just draw what i feel like drawing hahaha... but yesh, LETS DO THIS !!!!

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I appreciate the invitation! There is not much anime-related community in Steemit and it would be an honor to be featured. I'm an anime fan (otaku tbh) myself and will check out your discord channel! Thank you :D

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