UlOG #16 - A Plastic Bottle Home Made Mouse Trap! I caught him!! BINGO!!! (Watch the Video)

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Hi there people. Almost one week this Rat disturbing us every night. The Rat making an irritating noise that wakes you early in the morning.

That's enough! You are dead!!

I gave the Mouse the chance to move outside of our house. But he doesn't want! My solution is a Homemade Plastic Bottle Mouse Trap! I did research the simplest and effective Homemade Mouse Trap and I found it on Youtube!

Last day, Sunday, I thought it was a small mouse only because after I move the oven out of the kitchen to see the mess that he did, I'm surprised because of the big mess that he did to the back of our Gas Stove. There are plastic and a piece of Aluminum foil, vegetable skin, and paper.

There's even more toughness he has made! The mouse cut all the electrical wires! This is the reason when I tried to open the stove and touch the stainless steel and I was shocked because of the ground of electricity! Later I will try to replace all the cable wires that the mouse destroyed.


Whatever the mouse do to escape, he can't do that! Hehe... You made me angry! Now, this is your punishment!! You are going to the hell of a garbage truck!!! Bwahahaha...

I thought it was small as I saw inside of the oven but it was a tail only not the whole body of the mouse but I know that the mouse tail is very long. To make sure the mouse can't get out of the plastic bottle, I did put paper tape on both sides of the plastic bottle.

I am The PUNISHER!!!

No mercy! This is your punishment for destroying my oven and you left your poop under the stove and to our food ingredients and the smell of your urine is too stinking!

Your pee can give us Leptospirosis which results in death but we are still lucky because the mild Leptospirosis is treated with doxycycline, ampicillin, and amoxicillin.

For severe Leptospirosis, the Intravenous penicillin G has long been the drug of choice! The widely used for now is the Cephalosporins Cefotaxime and the Ceftriaxone.

My youngest Son is not scared of the mouse but when I tried to put in his face, he jumps quickly and runs! Nyahahaha... I thought he was brave enough to face this mouse! Nyahahaha...

Don't look at the mouse beside my eldest son face, look what time it is! It was 12:40 in the morning! This is the time when all the people are sleeping and it's too quiet, a chance for the mouse to move but it was his bad day! Nyahahaha...

If this is a white mouse, maybe I will take care of him. Well, bad luck for him! You are disgusting! Eewwww...

Looks like Master Splinter of Ninja Turtles! Nyahahaha...

He is trying to escape! Take care, the mouse is smart also but their weakness is food! LOL

Watch the video of "How to make a Plastic Bottle Mouse Trap" plus the live mouse on the bottle in Dlive!

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Hey! That’s my pet Barney!



Glad nahuli na sya. Ingat po kau bka my kasama pa sya, dangerous talaga lalo na yong wire ng stove at urine. Be safe po sa inyong lahat.


Ay naku! Sinabi mo pa! Akala namin small mouse lang sya! Then, when I use home made mouse trap, wow! Big! Mouse!

Hello @kennyroy, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!


Thank you so much!!! (^_^)

That looks excellent! Great job on the mouse! We've got at least one to try to catch ourselves, perhaps we will try that!


Yup! (^_^) You can try that! Actually, I feel a bit scared! Nyhahaha... That size is big and we don't even know how did he enter in our house? Our house is completely sealed except the exhaust fan.


You know what? I like your footer! So, I copy it and make my own! (^_^) I love it...

Really good trap i mean so cheap and useful. Great job man


Yup! Very useful. After I catch the mouse, 3points at outside bin! Nyahahaha....

howdy there kennyroy! wow that's a big one there, a Texas sized one! haha! now what, how do you kill it or are you?