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UlOG #14 - The Egg Master Cooker and my Daughter Lunch in my Office! AMAZING COOKER!!!

in dlive •  2 months ago


Yesterday, Sunday, I went to my office with my daughter, as I promise to her. When we came into my office, quickly I look for our food and guess what? I forgot our bag of food in our house. Lucky! I kept in my bag before we left in-house, the Macaroni Spaghetti. My daughter's stomach is safe, she would never be hungry! Hehe...

Then I realize that I have 4 raw egg in my drawer plus my Egg Master cooker. I am thankful also to @marizen gave her a chocolate biscuit. When I went into the kitchen looking for the Nescafe Coffee, suddenly I saw the 1 can of Milo Chocolate! Yes! I am happy! This is my favorite and my daughter's favorite.

Who can say that we will starve here? We have a lot of food supplier in our office! Hehe... @jovema, @marizen, and @angelbless are there especially my Egg Master! Hehe...

I cooked 2 stick of egg, one for me and for my daughter with long bread. I put a pinch of salt because I found out we have one box of salt in the kitchen's office. Our breakfast and lunch are solved! (^_^)

A happy face with an egg sandwich plus chocolate biscuit and Milo drinks. The amazing with this Egg Master, just spray a little cooking oil inside then break the egg on it and add a pinch of salt. Done! Open the switch put in the center the bamboo skew and wait until the green light appears or until the egg with a stick coming out by itself.

It is better to watch the video to see how it looks like with our conversation of my daughter. She did finish one stick of egg with bread and one glass of Milo drink. After that, we went down to the grocery to buy marshmallow as her request.

I told her, I don't have money but she said, "I have coins, daddy!" No escape for daddy... LOL

I am happy to see her like that while she is young and small. Because we all know that all of our kids soon become adults as we are right now.

The same with our parents, we are getting old and perish but the important we show love to them so that they will taking care of us if we get old as we show to our beloved parents.

And always keep God in our hearts first before anything else. God knows what is the best or good for us. We are nothing without him.

Her MARSHMALLOW and Temporary Bed

Funny! I made her temporary bed under the office table with her Marshmallow because I know later on she will feel sleepy after her study and play and eating.

And I am right! TKO! When I turning back my head I wonder why it's quiet? I saw her sleep with her Marshmallow at the top of her tummy.

While she was sleeping I would continue my work.

The end...

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Masarap poratta tol with egg and mayo.
Cute nman ni gabby 🤗


Next week... (^_^)

howdy sir kennyroy! hey I have never seen eggs on a stick before, I didn't know that was possible! that was very cool and your daughter is so cute!


Thanks! I'm so busy these past few weeks... Maybe next week I am free... (^_^)


hey there @kennyroy! what does that mean, are you on vacation next week? hey if you are that busy then business must be good right?


Yup! I'm on vacation this coming August 18, 2018. A lot of work, and you are right! Interior works or business is good! (^_^)


howdy on this fine Saturday sir kennyroy! which means that you are not at work today right? you are enjoying the day with your wonderful wife and daughter? so business is great and you have job security and you are saving up a ton of money and investing in Steem right? hahaha! so in other words life is good and you are going to Georgia on vacation praise God!


Yeahhh... Hehehe... Do you like to see us? We can there in your place and meet my family! (^_^)


hey kennyroy! are you actually coming all the way over to the United States for your vacation?

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i suddenly remembered i was taken to the office too by mommy when i wasa little girl. hehe! instead of a cute sleeping space, i got my cute small desk. they placed it in the middle of the office, where everyone including the big boss could see me. hahaha!!!
i'd be on my desk like the rest of the people working, as if i was working too. hay those were the days!
good job po kayo father father!
salamat din po sa pag share nang egg master cooker! i think i'll buy one.

Your kids are so blessed to have you as their dad sir ken and I can see how you take good care of them even when at work. God bless and kudos to all fathers like you who always put their family on top of their priorities next to God of course :-) God bless po :-)


Salamat sa Dios!

Always like that... I don't have time for my self mostly... I hope to see you all again soon in winter time...

Hello friend 😊 how are you ? Such wonderful day it was you are such great and loving dad of your daughter and you daughter is soooooo cute I enjoyed your todays blog 😊👍 keep posting

That egg master is amazing haven't seen something like that before or eggs done that way but definitely something I know would turn out very yummy, plus your cute daughter will soon be cooking all sorts of dishes @kennyroy


Nyahahaha... Thanks, @simonjay! Im so busy this past 2 weeks!

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