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Time-lapse colored pencils - The myths about being an Artist

in dlive •  2 months ago

Hi @vaansteam. I want to thank you for your post.

I think it's unfortunate that a lot of people stereotype artists (let's confine this to visual artists) into a "small box" in terms of all the things you have mentioned. Artists must not accept this kind of stuff.

But I really think technology and the new range of art material has expanded the opportunities for those that want to be artists and designers in incredible ways. Like you have mentioned, social media platforms now provide artists access to potential art buyers cost-effectively.

The challenge to artists in my view is to learn how to develop clever marketing strategies that will enable them to appropriately leverage available marketing channels to expose what they have to offer in the marketplace.

I am an artist and I sell art belonging to other artists as well, and I have used a combination of social media and art exhibitions successfully so I am talking from experience.

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