Exploring Elizabeth Castle in Jersey!

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The tides in Jersey are quite crazy. Low tide to high tide can change in a matter of minutes. While in Jersey, Candelle and I wanted to visit Elizabeth Castle. If timed correctly you can walk to the castle during low tide. We decided to try our luck with the tides.

When we arrived at the beach, the tides were already changing. The water was up to our ankles. In just a matter of minutes, the tide started to rise, and we realized, it was to late to walk to the castle.


Instead, we had to take a fairy to visit this old castle. This funny car drives into the water and converts into a mini ferry.


Finally, we made it to Elizabeth Castle!


Watch the @dlive video to see our adventure.

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My video is at DLive


Thats amazing! And interesting car, but to walk to the castle must be more fun and a special experience. Maybe you can do it an other time :D