⛪ Visiting the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Luxembourg ⛪

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In 1613, the Notre-Dame Cathedral was built. It is the only cathedral that exists in Luxembourg. We decided to take tour of the church, as it was free!

The style of the building is gothic mixed with many Renaissance elements and decor.


I really enjoyed exploring this church as it is adorned with murals and paintings. Since being in Europe, I've had the opportunity to visit many churches. Each has been very grand and unique. Watch our @dlive video to see what the Notre-Dame Cathedral looks like. Enjoy!

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Very beautiful place!

The architecture of this cathedral is so amazing.

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Beautiful place to explore... And the murals are wonderful...
Good time K:)

Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️

Hey @karensuestudios ! :)

What do you think about Luxembourg? It's my home-country :D

aww! Had I known, we could have met up! It's beautiful!

wow, that's place. good sharing sist, keep it up

Luxembourg is always on my travel list! I've heard so much about it from my travel friends and one of it it's this church. I wasn't sure if it's just me but this church resembles little similarities from the Notre-Dame in Paris especially the design of the ceilings and the beams on the side. Nevertheless, very nice intro to the place. I'm totally into it :)

Oooo I haven't seen the Notre-Dame in Paris, but when I go there, I'll be sure to check it out. Paris is at the end of my trip!