My favorite moment from the Roger Ver interview back in July.

in dlive •  2 months ago


This is common sense. Which is, tragically, not common in the sea of potatoes self-identifying as humans these days.

I really respect Roger for being so honest, and for being a voluntaryist, in a world where common sense, empathy, humanity, and compassion, are ridiculed.

Thank you man. You have inspired me more than you might guess.



Graham Smith is a Voluntaryist activist, creator, and peaceful parent residing in Niigata City, Japan. Graham runs the "Voluntary Japan" online initiative with a presence here on Steem, as well as DLive and Twitter. (Hit me up so I can stop talking about myself in the third person!)

My video is at DLive

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I propose a wave of posts be made on Steemit, similar to the wave of "Why I'm voting for X witness" but instead they need to be "Why I love/support/admire Roger K Ver"...