The Daily Owl, Ep. 36: The Blockchain Social Media Revolution (sites, news, philosophy, and happenings)

in dlive •  3 months ago


Holy Ka-Moly. 36 Freakin' episodes of my rambling. A whole month and then some of the Daily Owl.

Join me in the LIVE CHAT today to talk Steemit, its competition, and the new era of blockchain-based social media that seems to be upon us.

If 2017 was the year of the ICO and hype, 2018 is time for a lot of these hype men to mount up inside the hang-glider, and actually go for the gusto. Launch and test.

Should be interesting.


  • Steemit
  • Narrative
  • DLive
  • BitTube
  • and more!

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Graham Smith is a Voluntaryist activist, creator, and peaceful parent residing in Niigata City, Japan. Graham runs the "Voluntary Japan" online initiative with a presence here on Steem, as well as DLive and Twitter. (Hit me up so I can stop talking about myself in the third person!)

My live stream is at DLive

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This post by the way is on trending for the anarchy tag. :)

@hilarski suggested I make an account, and I did. I just screwed up and didn't use the account for a year. Writing about residential security and private investigation is something I love doing whether I get paid for it or not. It is my passion. If all the time I've spent on here helps even a single person, it was all well worth it!


Yep. I'll be doing this no matter what.

Where's the "Keep Calm and Steem on" mug?

Scorum is way too close to scrotum. Who in the world decided on that website name? LOL I don't follow professional sports at all. It's part of the "stop playing or watching the part of a hero, and be one instead" motto of mine.

I'm checking out right now. Censorship there? I wish it was using the same blockchain of steemit though.

I certainly wouldn't mind getting the residentialsecurity niche on Narrative, but I'm not sure how much time it would take for me to manage it.


Great idea for a nice. Well, it took me about a week to get Voluntaryism locked down. The steps to buying a niche are basically:

  • Register
  • Suggest your niche and wait for community vote
  • Bid on niche once approved

I'm position 60 for a new account and will pursue the niche once I'm approved.

@mbrown121500 is very entertaining and streams his game sessions on! I have some new Danner boots and could really use a shoe horn.

Buscarei o nicho assim que for aprovado

As you mention BitTube I basically have to listen later :P.

Thanks for sharing my friend @kafkanarchy84 ..... Of course, i upvoted, you are awesome, keep steeming. Really impressive @kafkanarchy84 ,I love your flow... I am a female pianist and I do piano covers here on dtube. I hope you check out my channel @promisevictor . Since I am relatively new here, will love to HV as a mentor. Love you, you are awesome.