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Thank you for finding me while we are still young so we hopefully have many more years together.

I love you Jasmin ❤️

Music by Mattia Cupelli

This is my DLiveLove Video for @dlive's Valentines Day

My video is at DLive

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Happy Valentines Day to the Lovely Couple !

Thank you Steve! Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day @jumowa and what a sweet thing to tell Jasmin! May you have many wonderful years together!❤💙❤

Happy Valentines Day Nina, thank you^^


Ah, young love.

Not sure how useful all those tags are. They may be useful to you

They emerge just like love

Happy valentine day.. @jumowa

May be happy always @jumowa and keep your beautiful lady well.

Happy Valentine Day

thx linda

Thank-you for participating in the campaign!