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RE: Travel with me #111 : Taroko National Park, Taiwan!

in #dlive6 years ago

Greetings, sweet and beautiful sweetsssj

As soon as I gave in your post appeared trending refresh and I was very happy.

Thanks so much for sharing your trip to Taroko Gorge in the Hualien Region of Taiwan. Do you live nearby?

This is a beautiful site too much. Here in Brazil, I don't know anything like that. Here has a lot of beautiful landscape, both in fauna and flora.

However, that you put up. Is totally enchanting.

I really liked the picture of that temple that sits on top of the vegetation. I imagine that the person there will have one of the most beautiful views in the world to contemplate. Should give an immense peace.

I was eager to meet this place after I saw your post. Save your posting here to show to friends, Yes, these natural and architectural beauty cannot be hidden.

In addition, your charm, beauty and elegance give a touch more in the photos, which are beautiful.

Thank you and good night!


Hi julisavio! I actually live in China (mostly) but Taiwan is a close neighbour I frequently visit because I really love the region so much. Obviously I highly recommend you to visit too and see these place for yourself!

I would love to visit China someday. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I have learnt so many new things

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