[PUBG-DLIVE] Trying to not Suck :D - Lets Chat + GIVEAWAY

in dlive •  2 years ago 


Come have a chat with me as I play PUBG and lets convince more people to join @dlive !!

Next Giveaway:
Thank you to all who have supported me by following, commenting and upvoting my streams/content and to DLive for offering this exciting new platform.
At 100 followers there will be another giveaway, this time 10 SBD!

My live stream is at DLive

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what are you specs btw?

Giveaway at 100 followers! - 10 SBD!!

hey jrungi, stream looking good buddy!

what's the hold up currently buddy?

I will haha, nothing else to do at work anyways, the stream is in the hot page because it is hot.

this ones for me? :D

I'm a production designer at an casino games company

hey @jrungi whatsup your stream looking well !

you can let me know both, what bitrate you use and PC specs as well

alright cool, nice surviving tho buddy haha, but yeah I want to upgrade my pc as well to play newer games etc as well, currently a couple of years old pc with i5 3570k and gtx 660 so nothing much I can do with that

hey @jrungi, i want to try pubg myself :p

yes I would upgrade only gpu but at the same time I would love to get something that would last me another ~5 years, thats like around 1400 euro investment that I would ahve to make and no free funds that much right now

but alright buddy I'm off to lunch right now, if you're live later I will most likely hop by later as well

hey buddy nice going, got the big upvote in as well!

Eating - have muted mic haha