High Legend Hearthstone: Top 10 Legend On Three Accounts?

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Last time I ended up streaming for 16 hours straight, bringing on two special guests to trio stream with me. And we decided to keep going until all three of us reached the top 10! We achieved that goal when I hit rank 7 legend and they were 8 and 9, but then they both decided they didn't want to be on the bottom and so they both played until they passed me!

Tonight's stream will probably be 8 or 9 hours max, since I have to work in the morning, but it will feature plenty of High Legend Hearthstone play and hopefully it's share of highly comedic moments!

Feel free to stop by and hang out for a while!

My live stream is at DLive


Dude great stream! Just discovered you here on Steemit and Dlive.

I'm trying to climb to legend as well, just hit Rank 6, also playing Even Warlock.

Great content, Upvoted and Followed :)

Awesome! I stream almost every day and Even Warlock is my current favorite deck. This is the deck I use: https://hsreplay.net/decks/MWAUx8wOeb1XqE6ynmoKb/