Meet Your Fellow Steemians! Hots or Shots Episode 24 ~ DLive Link & Embedded Video Included

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Good TimeZone Steemit!

Welcome back to another episode of
Hots Or Shots

Join me as I travel around meeting the members of our blockchain community.
Watch as we endure intense hot sauces or get shit faced on bourbon.

I'd like to thank all of our supporters as well as our awesome sponsors

So...let's get right to it...

Hots or Shots
Episode 24

Let's Get Sauced!

My video is at DLive

Hope everyone has an incredible weekend!
See you next week.

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Oh, that was fun! Making me hurt just watching it.

Great job on the editing and effects @basilsolomon! You guys have a great show.

I appreciate your good job. Thanks a lot.keep up your good work.

Nice and informative post, great work!

great job

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Dlive episode24 good eposide..

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Episode of 24
Is very interesting awesome

Great episode. Water instead of milk for the burn?

Great episode, that beef looked fantastic !


It was some of the best bbq I've ever actually was ranked #10 in all of Texas