Hots or Shots! Watch & Win 10 Packs of Steem Monsters! DLive & Embeded Video Included

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(Embeded Video Link Is At The Bottom Of The Post)

Good TimeZone Steemit!!

It's time for another episode of
Hots or Shots!!

From this point forward, I'll be uploading to both steemit and DLive.
I've come to realize that many DLive'rs that don't frequent the steemit front-end often.
It's my hope, that bringing my show to both the Steemit and DLive community,
helps you all to meet other creators that inhabit this blockchain we all love.

If any of you on DLive have interest in being a guest on Hots or Shots,
please email me at

I'm pretty sure @rook81 is going to be my first victim.
If you've yet to watch @rook81 streeming on DLive,
I highly recommend checking him out.
He has a great personality and his interaction with his viewers is fantastic!

Big shout out to the DLive community, as well as the DLive dev team.
It's an honor to be a part of everything you are doing.

I hope you all enjoy this week's episode.

Hots Or Shots
Episode 17
With Guest

Let's Get Sauced

The best comment this week will win 10 packs of Steem Monsters!
Last week's winner was

As always, thank you everyone for your support!
A huge shoutout to my awesome sponsors..

See you all next week!

My video is at DLive

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Glad to see youre using Dlive!

hahah a Think Tank hahahaha hes a Tank that thinks dude this guy sounds like ALX hahaha
omg so these are PUNS, ALX was just obsessed with Puns...
oh so this guy is the brainchild behind the "The Alliance"? a curation team focused on quality. hm ok i didn't know that was him(edited)

ima give him a witness vote!


hahah a think tank hahahaha hes a tank that thinks dude this guy sounds like alx hahaha omg so these are puns, alx was just obsessed with puns...



did you know that Tank wasnt a real type of tank, they just took an old tank (i forget which type i think an old m60 mpatton?) and they added some modern looking fake turret and fake canon and the crazy drivers position was in the middle... confused a lot of bvehcile buffs trying to find out what tank it was...


if @dlive could embed and play right in my posts I would only use them


He he, You are very observant in seeing

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hahhaha @ackza great.............

Hey Johnny - I'm a big fan of the production values/ editing they seem to have significantly improved. Definitely like the coloring. You're a great interviewer -your Cadence and overall way of interviewing seems to bring the best out of people. Kinda reminds me of Joe Rogan. Loving the show - keep up the great work.
All the best.


Thanks so much.
We've been trying to continue to raise the production value and get the show to a level that this platform truly deserves.
It's already come a long way since episode one.
Thanks for your support!

Great looking food :D I'm guessing you do this often because you were very confident in how you presented yourself whereas you co-host seemed very shy but got over it later on in the video. The sniffing was great btw ;D also thanks for advertising steem monsters and spreading the love to everyone with this giveaway :D keep up the good work



Well this is episode i've been doing it for a lil while.
My guest is just that, a guest, not a co-host...most of the guests take a lil bit to warm up and feel fully comfortable.
@enginewitty was a great guest
The show is simply a way for the community to get to know others in the community.
Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your support.

You see that @dreemsteem?

  • Love the wicked music intro man - badass!

@mariannewest shout :P ... Miss Mike man, gonna call him this week

@eaglespirit can relate to that ya?

I'm not superman...Batman sure LOL

Cracked a bottle of wine before watching this lol!

'Pennywise' LMAO

Jeremy Wade not Rush...I had a rush that's for sure LOL

Matt Damon LMMFAO

You comin to Atlanta? I be there several days, we can do a shots maybe ;)

Good shit man. Was good fun, thanks for having me on!


You so should come to San Diego!!


I should be hitting the west coast in season 2

Video is really wonderful and beautiful my friend
You are a very wonderful duo
I wish you every success and happiness


Yes i agree with you, the video very nice

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Thank you so much!
Come back every Friday for a new episode.


Thank you so much! Come
Back every Friday for
A new episode.

                 - jonny-clearwater

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


I can't tell a lie
This bot amuses me so
Please do not flag it

Yes!! I love that editing. Breathing fire! Amazing.


See the black smoke comin out Jonny's nose LMAO!

Ouch! That black death (sorry... Death Nectar) sauce is brutal! And I barely tasted it. lol!

I love the conversations that happen in these shows. I found it cool how the two of you shared a bunch of similarities. You're both motivated, inventive, and hustle to make life work for you and your families.

One question you didn't really answer, Jonny, was the one about "if you could know three things about people, what would they be." You agreed with @enginewitty's idea of knowing how determined someone is to succeed, but didn't elaborate on your own ideas, I don't think. Anyway, it got me thinking about what I would want to know about people...

In some ways, I lean towards Witty's first answer of gaging "how many times a person has lied," but I'd rather see how often someone follows through with honest intent. I guess I'd have a slider showing me a person's level of honesty, instead of their level of dishonesty. (Trying to phrase answers while dealing with a fire in your head is hard, so for the record, I'm impressed with what Witty was able to come up with.)

So, yeah, #1, "How honest are they?"

Thing #2 would be, "How often do they choose love over fear?"

That's a big one. And no judgement, but I'm always in the corner of those who side with love in a scary world.

And #3 would be, "How motivated is this person to contribute to the world in a positive way?" There are so many ways people make the planet a better place, some are simple, some are profound. All are worthwhile.

Yeah, yeah, I know, "Hippie Chick" answers. You'd expect nothing less from me, right? ;)

I really like the close up camera here and there. Its makes a huge difference for my viewing pleasure. I can almost taste the hot sauce.


Comment yang menarik, interesting comment

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Man I can't even eat a jalapeno without shittn meself...
Love the chilled chat :D
A couple of cracking chaps indeed.


Thanks so much for your support.
New episode every Friday at 6pm EST


Noted JonnyC :D

Your shows are great! I'm also learning how to create good videos because you edit them really nicely! Nice to have you on DLive!

dlive is absolutely the mainest deal.
Love everything about your video, the presentation, composition, intro music and of course the giveaway.
You are doing great, anticipating more of this month great stuf.

Thank you guys for the compliments in regards to my editing : ) I'm glad you all enjoyed it ! Can't wait to edit the next episodes and work on improving the production of the show : ) Stay tuned!

I cant wait to send you my hot sauce. I haven't forgotten.

Yes , Its better if people take D live and steemit together and post more often on both.


👍👋good comment

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Hello,jony-clearwater sir, both steemit and DLive. He has a great personality and his interaction with his viewers is fantastic!

Great show, but that is painful to watch.

Painful. So much pain.


Equally painful to host.
Somehow, I still think it's the best job I've had in a long time.


You're a crazy man. I like it. :)


So much pain. lol! Yep. Pretty much. ;-)

Nice decision on utilizing @dlive😁


I couldn't agree more

Looking good @jonny-clearwater .


It's not easy being this sexy.

Amazingly interesting liked sweet camera capture

it is a very helpful episode like previous ones, thanks for educating us keep it up


It's my honor to introduce as many amazing members of our blockchain to as many of you as I can.
Thanks for the support.

Very good post dear

i love your work

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

i love your posts

Wow amazing

looking for your kind support

Hi @jonny-clearwater it's very interesting video in your post I like it.

Bro i will start using Dlive

ya we will see you next week bro its show time

@jonny-clearwater hehehe.. i will select shots..

Hello Jonny! I found you are game developer, so nice. Its my dream to be becoz gaming is my love. Do you know about SanAndess? how cheatcodes work?

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I wish I could take full credit, but the show was heavily inspired by Hot Ones.
I simply built on top of their concept and brought it to our community.

whats the best use of dlive? I never used till now but will see in future i can give it a try.


It's for streaming and video hosting.
If you create content that fits into that criteria, I highly recommend it.


@jonny-clearwater appreciate your explanation. Will give it a try soon. I also liked that you mentioned your wife's steemid in your intro. Its truly impressive. Great.

it is really good

great contest bro , you have amazing plans to come down with contest like these , i love this contest , thank you bro

very good article. Could explain me with more details I am new and I do not have good English. saludis


It's a I can't really give you anymore context then that.
I would say just watch it and enjoy what you can.

l love that d live concept & the way you represent this on d live

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@jonny-clearwater I'm new in steemit please guide me how to grow in steemit?

you doing a great job

To be honest my steem power is end...
plz upvote me

I didn't know what to do these days.
Thanks for the good information. I'll come and see you often.
nice up vote :)

very good post thanks!!I subscribed to you

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