Hots Or Shots Is Now On Dlive! Meet Your Fellow Steemians

in dlive •  6 months ago


Super excited to bring my steemit show to this amazing frontend and it's members.
This show is for steemians, by steemians.
Now seeking residents in the United States to appear on Season 2.
If you'd be interested in being a guest, please email me at

My video is at DLive

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Glad to see you supporting dlive! Watching now!


They have an amazing platform and amazing users. If a @dlive upload could play inside of my steemit's all I would use.

I just started using @dlive my self. I like it. It will be nice when they start using 1080i stuff. But for the most part, seems like a winner. I like it.


Probably one of the best frontends that our blockchain has to offer.
Everyone should be checking out the @dlive community

Live Post Shout-Out from Real People

Hey - We mentioned you on The Steeming Pile tonight. One of our simulcasters thought this post was awesome or noteable for some reason. The Steeming Pile is An Open Space broadcast for the DLive and Steemit Community and if you’d like to watch or join live, join our chat on the @dlive24hour discord on #thesteemingpile!

Crap @jonny-clearwater, that was awesome. I just love @snook! What a fun time. I really enjoyed this. Ain't nobody got time to fool around when they're sick hahaha


It was so much fun @freedompoint!!! :D

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@jonny-clearwater thanks man for sharing just going to check when I'll be free

Hi jonny-clearwater,
I find it interesting, I will send my email, have a nice day and greetings from Venezuela..!

Cant wait to check this out! Unfortunately I am at work so i'll check this out as soon as I can!

I am interested in this function. your learn a lot from your speech, we like to hear your speech.

Hey Jonny just dropping by to see some of the older videos you got on Dlive :D

Is the meetup in Austin still on for this weekend? I messaged kyle for address but no reply yet. If you have information please let me know. Ty


yes it is. Please send me an email at


I just sent an email. If you dont get it please let me know. Ty


just sent a reply email

Excellent that you are already in dlive! is a platform that will have a lot of weight in some time