Monday Night Thoughts on Dlive - So Much Stuff!!!

in dlive •  5 months ago


It's Monday night once again and wow, what a week it's been on the blockchain....

So much to go over this week including;

  • The AWESOME changes @dlive
  • A super cool new feature from @dtube
  • I attended my first @adsactly voice hangout!
  • The awesome STEEM project on Bitcoin Bully
  • May's HODL challenge

And so much more....

Come hang out and join in the fun!

My live stream is at DLive

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Hi Jon! Thank you for mentioning us in your video, and what a great video that was, so glad our friend @bigtom13 introduced you. (Thanks, Tom!)

You've pretty much got the gist - you said it! A community of people helping each other - that's pretty much our vibe

You asked for a description in four words or less... I can give it to you in eight.

Autonomous Decentralised Society Acting Cooperatively To Leverage You 😏😏

Then, if you do want to dig deeper and learn more about our fundamentals and community initiatives, you can head on over to those chapters you mentioned, they are our ADSactly on ADSactly Series. There are some great people in our discord who are there to help if you have any questions at all. @bigtom13 is one of them.

We enjoyed your video very much, and hope to see you at the next hangout.


Perfect! Yeah that's what I've learned from reading the posts. I'm at about #14 now lol

Thanks for the comments, they are appreciated. And yeah @bigtom13 is one of the best dudes I've met on planet earth. Been a joy to call him my friend for so many years.

What a truly great show! You do this so well. I really wish I could get myself drug in to participate live...


Oh it's awesome and I remember the old TE Live days man...You were a natural one the camera!

Great show, Jon! That's awesome what Dlive did with this update, especially the off-chain chat. That's great for participants who want to chat and for the blockchain too. I'm not there for the live shows unfortunately, but I've just watched the recording.


Oh I love it...They have outdone themselves in my opinion. Just an amazing experience as a streamer and last night I was poking around some streams and it was just seamless...Awesome experience.

Great show, even though I was watching live I'm watching the replay now because I was cutting in and out with poor internet connection. Cool things happen on Monday nights! Good community chat feature too :-) I'm looking forward to the next DLive Crypto Noob Cast.


Thank you sir!

Appreciate the comments and the support always!

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