Night vision star gazing... What will we see?

in #dlive5 years ago


Well, now I'm using another app to capture my streamvision app. I hope all goes well and find some great things tonight.


My live stream is at DLive


Hey @johnnycopper1! Did you record this? It doesn't let me watch it so I was just wondering. Did you catch some good stuff?

I thought it was going on dlive. When I was done, about a 30 minute session, nothing showed. I'm determined to get it right. Perhaps tonight if I can get it all together... Thanks @deerjay, I'm sure it will be fun once all the kinks are worked out

Yeah.... I had my first successful sky watch session. And wow....... Def successful :)

I saw it and loved it!! ❤

@deerjay Im going to be hosting another tonight at 930. Location for intent will be the northern mountians of New york. Mt. Morris.

Wow awesome look really like it

Thanks, I was getting attacked by misquotes. But, hope it went live as planned?

Thanks, I was getting
Attacked by misquotes. But, hope
It went live as planned?

                 - johnnycopper1

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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