How To Create Professional Videos - VLOG #014

in dlive •  7 months ago


Welcome to our WEEKLY VLOG EPISODE #014 - I will now also be testing to see DLIVE and posting more videos here with you on DLIVE.

In this weeks exclusive, I take you behind the scenes of how to create professional videos at home! I share with you which microphones I am using, which lighting kits, which cameras, and so much more! Not only that but we go back to Chicago and get some amazing footage for you guys! We even have a special guest appearance at the end of this weeks VLOG!

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i loved the way you balance between the main video and the backstage in every step and every explication ..that’s makes the tutorial simpler and funnier 😊

OMGosh!! @joe what drug are you on? You should be banging in hollywood stunnerman!


Thank you!

DLive is an amazing platform.

Your video is a little different. There are many things to learn in this video.

Hi Joe, I just came across your vid on youtube "5 Tips To Become Successful on Steemit and Earn Thousands of Dollars!". I enjoyed that very much and managed to pick up some good tips. Rather than go searching for it way back in your content, if it's the same to you, I preferred to comment here. Sorry about that. I'm new on Steemit, so I am doing some research about how it works and found your video very helpful, Just wanted to say thanks and you have my follow. Have a great day. QSE

Love all your videos, and enjoy following you. I'm almost done with your course on Udemy, blogging with Steemit Thanks :o)