SteemitBJJ Live | @jiujitsu & @shinedojo Live Rolling & AMA

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Welcome to the first SteemitBJJ Live. @jiujitsu & @shinedojo are going to do some training, live rolling, and also hold an AMA.

Special guests: @danaedwards & @bjjworldtraveler
We hope you enjoy the show, feel free to ask us anything in the chat! Please remember to upvote, re-steem, and follow!

Note: This is our first attempt at live streaming. Please be patient while we learn. If you have any advice or tips, feel free to leave us a comment! We welcome anything helpful and useful.

My live stream is at DLive


Haha nice!

Video is good and smooth and audio working fine.

Just got back from a nogi class myself and I can watch you animals go at it while I recover.

That was a NICE triangle from spider!

this will be great. But I guess one should be supporting the audience by staying in front of a PC while training. any question should be answered.
This will be great ...

Love the ideas. Yesterday @bjjworldtraveler had some private lessons. The camera should have been on the other side of the room closer to the action. @danaedwards was quite disappointed she didn't get more air time! lol

:o am I seeing this right? BJJ on DLive this is awesome

thx @jimmylin! we will be here often. check us out! i'll follow you :)

We usually try to get together once a week for a few hours of bjj fun!

Wow great stream and content!
(like/followback my stream too pls <3

Thanks! I will follow you back!

I'm a huge fan of UFC.
Nice video @jiujitsu.
Followed you.

Awesome! Thanks, I'll follow you back. We will be doing quite a bit of jiu jitsu, along with some wrestling and mma.

First of all thanks for your sweet reply man. Glad that you will follow me.
And yeah it will be great😅 .
Also little bit of Kung fu, as i was learning it 2 years before, Lol😁
But we will have talks related to UFC for sure!
Have a super day ahead!🙋

That was an awesome time. Thanks @jiu-jitsu, @danaedwards and of course @bjjworldtraveler!
I'll have to sit down and watch the video later but there were some good battles! I'm going to be sore af tomorrow.
Now it's time to celebrate @bjjworldtraveler birthday! We are going to eat sushi. A decent enough meal after a few hours or training.

Thanks for coming @shinedojo! Can't wait to launch our show soon!

After watching the video last night, I'm making a list of ways that we can better the experience for everyone. I think that if we found a time where mats were free it would be better as well.
We are open to any ideas and suggestions to better our content as well.

Oh yeah, we will do our own show that will have some more structure. We will also have some technique videos from @bjjworldtraveler. I'll probably also do some streams with the DVD class to show these latest techniques we have been learning.

Plenty of ideas for great content. I think during the live rolling and open mat streams, anyone who wants can come to the camera and interact and talk to the viewers.

Hey lets do one sometime for @battlemountain2k !!!

Yes, great idea for ya'lls training sessions. But I also imagine live streaming your events would earn some serious Steem!

I legit need the help!

I can help you get set up and started. Plus your next event is soon. I'll be on site to show you more in person.

Thx @slayer10. How's the feed coming through guys?

i hope the video and audio is ok

Yes sir all is well... its okay.... thanks @jiujitsu

check check

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