[Town of salen] Executioning or saving people in town of salem

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Town of salem is a game in which you are assigned a random role with which you must play and fulfill your duties in order to win.

The idea is to fulfill what is necessary so that you can be a winner.

But what is it that you must fulfill?

It goes from you make someone die or make you hang yourself, to kill people or just execute the people who do wrong, whether you win or lose depends on you.


How do you win?

Depending on your role you should try to save or condemn and take your group or yourself to the end. For example, the role of the witch must help the mafia to win; The Mafia must kill everyone and keep save the witch if there is one.

The werewolf must kill them all as well as the arsonist and the serial killer.

The jester must be made to execute and the executioner must have the town execute their target.

The city must make the mafia lose and also hang the werewolf, serial assassin and the arsonist and the witch.

There are many more roles in the expansion, but now we will only talk about the basics. The idea of ​​the game is that the town through its roles investigate and punish the other evil roles, and the evil roles must kill the town and the roles that do not let them win.

Let's know some roles

The Werewolf


He is a murderer of any character, can only attack in full moon.

The Serial Killer


He can kill them all and attack every day when you can.

The Arsonist


This role is very complicated because you must first pour gasoline on people and use one night to turn on fire them all.

That's how the game looks


Another thing you can do in the game is to leave a will so that when you die people have knowledge of what you were doing or what you were, but this is dangerous because the mafia can forger the will.

You can also defend yourself with the testament and your creativity before being hung. If you are a master of deceit or persuasive, you like the world of rumors and research this game may be for you.

Later I will be talking more about this game.


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