Best Live Streaming Platform for Investing, Growth, and Charity?

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DLive is the only live streaming platform where we can combine investing directly with what we earn. By comparison, on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and any other live streaming website not based on a cryptocurrency, we are limited to starting from zero. On @dlive when we buy Steem we have many ways we can combine the money we invest with what return we get from our live streams including how many people watch!

Will you join us to learn more about because we might discover the money we sometimes blindly throw at large companies and governments in the stock market and bonds might go really far on Steem especially when live streaming on @dlive?

Best Live Streaming Platform for Investors!

On Dlive when you buy Steem and put that into Steem Power that's yours. You can hold it, you can take it out whenever you want to although powering it down from Steem Power takes a total of three months.

Best Live Streaming Platform for Fewer Community Guidelines and Investing?

That said, the amazing opportunity on Dlive is to use all the resources you have in terms of your investments to upvote yourself and others to build a community on every live stream! That's not available on any other platform today!

If you hold a bunch of Google stock, you don't get to give yourself or anyone else money for live streaming on YouTube. If you hold Facebook stock, you don't get to give yourself or anyone else money when live streaming on Facebook. When you buy Steem and power it up, you can! While the idea of upvoting our own live streams may get us to put our money in, helping others earn by upvoting their live streams is the real opportunity to build a community, give back, and love being here every day! People are really grateful to get money when you upvote their live stream, and it's only natural they will want to get to know you including potentially watching, following, and/or upvoting back!

If you have actually got money in investments and they are not doing anything for you other than just being numbers on some statement that you are afraid of every month, Dlive presents the incredible opportunity to combine our investments and our earnings, and our live streaming, in a meaningful way today.

Best Live Streaming Platform for Fewer Community Guidelines and Investing?Where instead of having money in companies that then we have to watch the news and see how they are doing, and we get afraid when the stock market goes down, I've got all my investments in Steem and that allows me to upvote hundreds of dollars every single day, and that's really cool.

That's rewarding, that's fun to be able to do that. I've given thousands of dollars away to people posting on the Steem blockchain, which Dlive live streams then get posted on the Steem blockchain. That is a unique opportunity not available on any other live-streaming platform, which is why when you see people on Dlive streaming, most are earning something, even if it is three cents, 38 cents or ten dollars.

Best Live Streaming Platform for Fewer Community Guidelines and Investing?

Almost everyone that live streams on Dlive will at least make a few cents on every single live stream. That's unique to Dlive.

Some live streamers will get $50 on a live stream, some will get $20, and some will get $68 for playing a video game, on live stream, directly from the platform not relying on tips.

Best Live Streaming Platform for Fewer Community Guidelines and Investing?

Dlive itself, the platform, has a lot of upvoting power. It has about ten million dollars or eight million dollars today worth of voting power.

That means the platform itself is able to give out a lot of upvotes to streamers.

That's a unique opportunity.

The downside of that is that you need to keep your Steem account safe. If you lose your master password for your Steem account, you may lose your ability to live stream again on Dlive on that account, and if you put money into that Steem account and you lose the password, you may lose the ability to withdraw that money as well.

That is one of the huge downsides which is why I made a video and a post starting from day one on how to prevent that at

You need to keep that password safe, not just safe in one spot, but have it backed up. Offline backups definitely, and also in a password manager online like LastPass.

Then, you have got very low odds of completely losing access to the password. Another unique opportunity on Dlive is the ability to do streams you can't do in other places.

Best Live Streaming Platform for Fewer Community Guidelines and Investing?

Fewer Rules on DLive!

If we go to the help on Dlive, you go over to "Community Guidelines." Now, the "Community Guidelines" ask you and you agree not to re-stream content from Dlive on another platform. That means you don't take someone else's live stream from Twitch and put it on Dlive.

You agree not to violate any copyright laws.

You agree not to impersonate anyone or use multiple accounts to collect rewards.

The one unique limitation of Dlive is to not leave your stream going for long amounts of time unattended.

On YouTube, on Facebook you can do that. I believe you can also do that on Twitch.

You don't leave your stream unattended for long periods of time on Dlive.

Now, what you will notice, look how small these "Community Guidelines" are compared to reading the Twitch ones or the YouTube ones. These allow a lot more possibilities.

Best Live Streaming Platform for Fewer Community Guidelines and Investing?

For example, if you want to do an all-nude gaming stream you can do that on Dlive. It's preferred you mark it "not-safe-for-work" to help people realize there may be nudity in there.

You can do that. You could do a topless gaming live stream on Dlive. I probably wouldn't get much with my topless stream on Dlive or maybe I would. Some of us will have an opportunity to earn really well doing a topless gaming stream. I bet there's a person who can easily earn a hundred dollars on every single live stream to do a topless gaming stream. You can do that on Dlive. You can do a full nude stream on Dlive.

I bet you could earn really well being one of the first to do something like that. There are some niche opportunities that aren't possible on other platforms because of their centralization. There are things you can do like that on Dlive that you will have the ability not only just to do it, but to probably do it full-time at least, if not part-time. I bet you can do it full time if you capitalize on one of those really good niche opportunities like that.

Best Live Streaming Platform for Fewer Community Guidelines and Investing?

The nice thing on Dlive is you can blog all in one place because it's on the Steem blockchain. Unlike on YouTube or Twitch where you are limited to doing live streams and/or videos, you can build your audience on the Steem blockchain by combining blogging with live streaming.

If you only want a live stream once a week, you could blog and post pictures of yourself and do travel blogs and do tutorials like I do the other six days of the week, then you have the ability to build your audience for Dlive every day of the week, even if you only can live stream one day a week.

That is empowering because hundreds of people have put me on automatic voters from my blog posts and videos like this which then also upvotes all of my live streams! People who have been reading my blog posts and love my blog have put me on automatic voters from my blog, then when I live stream on Dlive, I get those automatic votes on my Dlive streams.

Steem is the best place I know of right now to build an audience. If you are hearing this for the first time, I've got all the links and signups for it at

Steem gives us the ability to build an audience in one place, and then the earnings translate to every single application we use. Dlive is one application on Steem.

Another unique opportunity is that rewards actually can go up when the price of Steem goes up. Steem is a cryptocurrency and the rewards are estimated based on today's price. I believe the price will be going up ten times over the next year or two for Steem. That means when someone's earning $50 of rewards today, the value of that in a year may be $500 if you keep those rewards.

Technically, since the Steem Dollar is being speculated on, this live streamer is actually earning more like a hundred US dollars within seven days and another $20 or so worth of Steem.

Best Live Streaming Platform for Fewer Community Guidelines and Investing?

If all of that was reinvested, that might be worth a thousand dollars in a year.

I don't know where else you can get tips that would have the ability to increase their own value if you just held them within a year.

The nice thing on Dlive, while you agree not to infringe on the copyright, as far as I know right now Dlive does not have built-in copyright detection.

This means that if you are playing a video game and a copyrighted song comes on you are not looking at getting a copyright violation just for having a song that comes on in the middle of the video game that happens to play. It's really annoying on some other platforms if that happens because it's not even your own fault. You just triggered some Easter Egg, it plays a song, all of a sudden you have violated copyright.

On Dlive there is more flexibility because there are currently no built-in copyright systems that automatically detect it.

Now, if you go put movies out and broadcast them on Dlive, you will get flagged and you will potentially get your account closed, but if you just have a little copyright slip-up you are not probably going to have any repercussions, which is really nice.

Best Live Streaming Platform for Fewer Community Guidelines and Investing?

There is flexibility on Dlive and there is not that huge centralized influence on Dlive from all these record companies and corporations seeking to get in and claim your ad revenue if you accidentally play one song in the middle of a four-hour live stream on "Call of Duty."

I really like that there is that flexibility on Dlive.

I hope this has given you some inspiration when you look around and say, "Wow. There are some things on Dlive that you can’t do anywhere else in the world."

"Oh, alright. I'm going to get my nude stream going right now. Let's go, Jerry."

Have you ever wanted to do nude painting?

You could do that on Dlive. If you wanted to do nude gaming, you can do that on Dlive. As far as I know, you could even have sex on Dlive as long as you mark it nsfw in the tags. Now, I don't recommend getting too crazy, but there is a lot of opportunities on Dlive that aren't currently available in other live streaming platforms, and those tend to be some of the very best opportunities in life.

When you can get in on some of these things that have massive open space, massive potential, before everyone else has got in.

You see, when I started on Dlive, I often would have the only live stream up. Today, about four months later, there are fifty to a hundred Dlive streams up all day, every day.

Best Live Streaming Platform for Fewer Community Guidelines and Investing?

In a year, I bet there will be a thousand to ten thousand live streams up on Dlive all day, every day.

You see, getting in when there is only a few hundred, is a massive opportunity to build followers and earn rewards. When there are ten thousand people a day streaming on Dlive for better or worse, it will become more like other live streaming platforms where the competition for the rewards gets intense.

The more people push the limits on Dlive, there may become some additional "Community Guidelines." That's what tends to happen, when you first could put stuff on many of these other platforms, the "Community Guidelines" were pretty small on them as well.

The bigger something gets, the more problems something has, there tends to be more and more guidelines on it, and most guidelines at places tend to start smaller, and then get bigger as more problems happen.

I'm grateful for the chance to present this to you today.

I share this with you because I'm grateful that I'm able to work full time from home, that my family is able to see me on a daily basis, that I'm available to help my wife with our children, and that I don't have to work forty hours a week to make enough money for my family.

I share these things with you because these are the tools I see that are the best to help you do the same thing. If you want to be freed from the slave world of doing work you don't like and missing out on the majority of things that are important in life like family, friends, community, relationships, I share the best tools I find that help me to have a self-sustaining business.

Dlive is one of those things that I'm sharing today. It's a timely opportunity. There is amazing potential. I'm grateful for the community.

Best Live Streaming Platform for Fewer Community Guidelines and Investing?

On Dlive, one more thing.

On Dlive you can actually reach the CEO of Dlive as @wa7 on Steem. You can reach the team members of Dlive. As far as I know, that's not very easy on most of the other live streaming platforms. If you want to make collaborations with the Dlive team, if you want to ask Dlive questions, it's very easy when you use the Dlive Discord servers at

If you go to the "Help Center" at and you search for Discord, you will see an article that says, "Is there anywhere else I can look for help?" There you can join the Discord channel and the Dlive team is available in the Discord channel because there is something like 20 Dlive team members and meanwhile there is still a relatively small community of streamers. As with anything, the bigger it gets, the more difficult it will be to reach the actual team members on Dlive.

Best Live Streaming Platform for Fewer Community Guidelines and Investing?

Thank you for learning about why the unique opportunities on Dlive are amazing today for live streaming. If you have been banned from live streaming in other places and/or have the ability to invest a little bit and were disappointed with the results streaming elsewhere, Dlive is the place to not only get another start, but to build a niche that you couldn't have built somewhere else. Thank you for reading this. I love you. You are awesome and I hope showing you the unique opportunities and limitations of Dlive is helpful today.


Jerry Banfield with edits by @gmichelbkk on the transcript from @deniskj

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Great post!
Thanks for not going topless. ;) lol

It has about ten million dollars or eight million dollars today worth of voting power.

What do you mean by that?


@dlive has a delegation in Steem power from Steemit Inc that to duplicate the voting power would cost around 7 million dollars today as seen at under delegations in.

misterdelegation 2,064,000.473 SP 4,196.011 MVests 2018-01-09, 14:55

Market value of that Steem power is $5,345,761.23 today while it was a little higher the day I filmed that video.

saya sangat mengagumi postinganmu @jerrybanfield,luar biasa saya baru melihat postingan yang sangat menarik,yaitu postinganmu @jerrybanfield

Very interesting information as usual Jerry. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Thats interesting! Now I understand the reason of the great success of DLive :) It is really amazing to have such a nice platform, where you can earn for your hard work be free to say your opinion.
Keep up the good work!

As always I learn from you and now I will continue investigating more about this.
Have a beautiful day Jerry

Good morning @jerrybanfield, I think DLive, started on the right foot and will continue, you are a young man who is always active, your family should be proud of you.
Happy Sunday :)

As always I learn from you and now I will continue investigating more about this.
Have a beautiful day Jerry

@jerrybanfield Mentor of many 👍

Thank you Jerry. I know you get a lot of shit for your Steem evangelism, but I appreciate what you do. Thank you for teaching, educating & having changed my perspective a time or two.

I'm a little creeped out that when I read this, I could almost hear it in your voice. I don't even catch that many vids, but I think that's kind of awesome actually. Struggling to find my own voice has really cockblocked me from writing, so I admire that you've found yours & are able to convey it in multiple ways.

I think it was a video on the beach about body acceptance & the artwork we create that has stuck with me the most. I may be confusing vids, but it was a tiny moment that blew my mind enough that I can't remember it in detail. It comes to me in small moments & I break habits that no longer work for me.

I hope my awkward fangirl oversharing isn't too off-putting. It's meant from a space of love & working through all the stuff that keeps us from our best life & a moment of appreciation/recognition for the part you've played in my growth & education. So thanks again.


PS: the link on this bit "Will you join us to learn more about because we might discover..." doesn't lead where you want it to yet.

Wow.. This is interesting.. Nice one boss.. Thanks for sharing such an important piece on this platform

This is an excellent post, because it shows the problems and solutions of a streaming platform.

I especially liked how you addressed how easily accessible the DLive team is. That should go a long way to feature suggestions so the platform won't become stagnant.

I can picture it now: I'll be able to stream every Friday with content I want and get donations in either STEEM , ECC, BAT, or DGB. I can then use those donations to promote steemit by giving it to various charities. Best of all I can do this with the weight of channel termination off my shoulders.

I can't wait to see where @dlive goes in the next few years.

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I love DLive, it's nice to see the person that put steem & steemit on the radar for me hyping it up. WE ARE LIVING IN THE FUTURE!

@jerrybanfield what streaming service do you use to D.Live? OBS?


Wirecast although I have not got it working yet with the new servers!


Have ready several articles on Dlive . Still want to know more about it.

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