Answering Questions Live Every Wednesday on DLive!

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Will you join us every Wednesday 10 am to 11 am eastern time on @dlive because we will gather for a live question and answer session? The live show will start at approximately 30 minutes before the time this post went live with the eastern time zone in the USA currently being UTC -4 as explained at

To participate during the live stream, any comment posted on the Steem post featuring the live stream will immediately appear as a comment which I intend to read and respond to!

When you have questions you want me to be prepared to answer at the beginning of the live stream this coming Wednesday, will you please share them in the comments here because I will then begin with questions asked here when starting the live stream and then continue answering questions live? Each week going forward we will then start with unanswered questions from the last live stream and go forward from there.

If you would prefer to join me live with a video call, will you please become a partner with me as explained at because every partner will be invited to join us on a video call during the live stream to help with asking and answering questions?

To host the video call, I use Zoom at which my friend @terrybrock recommended for video interviews because it is way easier to record than with Skype!

If you are interested in learning how to live stream, I am filming a complete video course which will show all of the equipment, software, production processes, and mindsets empowering me to go live on six websites at once! Many of the video lectures will be released for free on Steem at over the next month as I am filming them!

While the live stream will be available on the following platforms in addition to @dlive, I will read comments and questions first from Steem with @dlive!


If you have asked questions repeatedly that I have not seen or answered, I appreciate your patience and I hope you will continue to make the effort on the live streams because I intend to be available every week on these live streams to answer as many questions as possible for you!

Thank you very much for learning about our new live show and I hope to see you there!

Jerry Banfield

PS: If today is a day to celebrate easter for you as it is for me, I hope you have a Happy Easter!

My video is at DLive

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@jerrybanfield Quiquog Says hello

Working on the following 2 things to build the community
Wondering if you would like to participate...

btw your about to get good natured Trolling....

Great, @jerrybanfield! I do a weekly streaming schedule as it is and am very excited to hear that you will be doing a weekly schedule!

Please get in touch with me so I can have permission to add you to the schedule! Visit the DLive24Hour Discord server at

Thank You!

Great to see your post jerry!

Hi! @jerrybanfield, just want to know where or whom to ask regarding jerrybanfield upvote bot concerns? Thanks

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you can find it here with the others:



a very nice and useful program. I strongly support this program. thank for your information @jerrybanfield.

Hey @jerrybanfield, i think it's a great idea to use games as a background. You will be able to reach more people with your content this way. For this, you do need the gameplay to be of high quality, as far as i could see right now the quality of the gameplay is not good at all. People would want it to be high quality if you want them to actually watch it, for me it was close to unwatch-able. I think this has to do with your stream settings, are you using OBS for this? I have written some guides on how to use OBS properly and how to fix certain streaming problems with DLive if you would be interested, i would be very honored if i can help back someone like you who helps alot of people. Keep up the good work, and i would love your opinion on my latest post regarding upvote bots as you own a bot yourself.



Is this still within the steem network????????

Your all post is very good .I always resteemed your post and upvote.. please upvote my post..

great post sir.It is a helpful system.thanks for your this help.

Thats great sir!
Will try to join.


dlive vedio... really benefi..

hi friend steem

Hi steemit friends

Its really great. Im with you. And will join. Happy easter from me to you

Amazing post..Your writings are very impressive😊...

I am looking forward to your live Q&A. I have already learned so much from you. Happy Easter to you!

This is a beautiful initiative @jerrybanfield, and I looking forward to Wednesday. Happy Easter to you too

I am getting ready to attempt live streaming, hope to do some interviews as I cross the country on vacation next month. I hope some of you course gets posted in time to help lol! In case it does not, I am wondering if you have any suggestions for cameras - lightweight, portable, not too expensive and able to sync with the mic?

Yes the Logitech C930e is my favorite as seen at I am filming a complete video course on how I record and live stream including all the equipment and software.

Will you consider becoming a partner as explained at because partners will get first access to the course included in membership along with access to the partners discord channel where I am available to answer questions every day?

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
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Very good..
And i will try it sir..