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Time-lapse colored pencils - The myths about being an Artist

in dlive •  4 months ago

Hello my friend how are you? I love seeing your hands while you draw, your goal is clear, a beautiful girl who quickly surprises me and leaves you in love with your talent.

I agree with your myths, if you are good and have that gift to create art and you intend to achieve your dream and through your paintings you win people who admire what you do if you can live of that wonderful talent, we must not allow people who do not see it so we can cloud our dreams if you know that you have this beautiful gift simply create, draw, plasma what only you know how to do.

The girl today is beautiful, I love her hair, see your hands while drawing is my greatest reward, I always hope to see your next video to see you in action, you choose a musical background that makes me the time to see you much more enjoyable.

I admire you friend, you are very lucky not all of us have that talent, you work on every detail and make the person in the drawing look very pretty.

Whoever has this talent definitely needs to be supported!

Greetings from Venezuela!

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Hello, @jennimorillo I'm doing well! I hope you are too! Thank you for the compliment and for taking your time to write this. You're awesome as always!