MuayThai Training

in dlive •  last year  (edited)


Been into wushu for so many years.
This is my first time to try a different sports.
join me on my first day of training in Muay Thai.
muay thai.jpg
Share me your Muay Thai experience leave a comment below.


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Muay Thai is also a nice sport. It’s a combination of different martial arts. It’s just an easy training to you because of your expertise and flexibility in martial arts. You can do it @janicehung!

A new sport, although you do not need it but it is essential to be able to change and settle in some good things, the changes are good in some ways.

Es bueno aprender cosas nuevas. Parece bastante exigente.
Tu tan linda siempre.
Saludos @janicehung

This is great inspiration for lot of them like me thanks for introducing it @janicehung

In the last video, you have shared was so beneficial. and this one is showing you as super flexible. So you're learning boxing now! Thats great @janicehung . keep it up sister .

good job ,i think it's good to try differents sports that will help you so much.

It is good to dare to do new things, good initiative, this is a great sport I congratulate you ... is to admire it

No problem for the Wushu Queen!!
Mental toughness, body control & stamina = Janice Hung!!

Good luck!

You surely are a superwoman!

Sports will help you as a person and let you feel good.

practice is the maximum perfect for a healthy body and fresh mind ,,,
martial art or boxing is also so a great way to fit body,,,
so ,,its need to keep sound our body and mind by practicing

its boxing whih need for a great fitness ,,exercise is the main of a good health

just a fentastic fitness,,,really for a fabulous fitness exercise must needed,,,

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You’ll surely learn it well!😀

You will feel misfit but it is good to get out of the routine and try something new.

competition is not points, knockout system is made, an effective fighting art. If you want to learn to defend yourself and improve, Thailand boxing is definitely a fighting art to explore. @janicehung

You are perfect @janicehung that am imagining what you cant do. Great kick 😊

This is amazing and i had a new experience about this,you looks so stronger not only physically but mentally too.

practicing sports is really important for your body and will help you in your life.

You are great at everything you try out to do. It looks like your coach was surprised at how strong you are and how fast you learned. You are simply amazing!

Oh i tried Muay Thai for almost a year last year and I had so much fun! It definitely builds my strength. Too bad I had to withdraw from it for the time being but I really miss it.