Unwinding at Marina Bay Spa & Lifestyle Club

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Sometimes life takes its toll on you.You want to go somewhere to relax but you can't go out of town.I am glad I have found a place within the metro where you can pamper yourself and unwind from the busy life.Everything you need is right here in one complex, here at Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club.

Come join me as I tour this place and get my much-needed holistic wellness experience.

Special Thanks to Marina Bay Spa & Lifestyle Club.


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oops I got caught :D

Haha, no problem: what happens on the blockchain, stays on the blockchain :-D

Thanks for providing the Steem community with high quality content!

100% upvote and I'll be following you from now on.
Steem on :-)

This looks like a terrific place; sauna, bathes, great food and the pool. A terrific 'stay-cation' please for Manila. I want to go there! The spa looks really nice and I have lots of stress ;(

@janicehung great video!! And looks like my kind of place 😍 When I come up to the Phils let's go there 🍹🍸

I thought this was in Singapore at first.

Janice, you are so glamorous and beautiful!!
Each of your video's are expertly done with amazing talent!!
Wow, is my reaction!! Keep Steeming!!

Are you from thailand?

This is in Manila Philippines.

Pampering yourself is indeed a necessity...u gotta recharge the body just like u do your cell phone...

life takin toll on ya? u tired of what? polishin ur nails?

Will definitely need to go to the spa after watching this dlive video! It is so relaxing and your video is very authentic.

The tour was quite entertaining, at first being able to see the spa and sauna inside, it looks quite relaxing. Afterwards, the great variety of food that the place offers you to choose from, as well as the swimming pool for the entertainment of the visitors, seems like a pretty fun place. I hope you had a good time and were able to get away from the daily stress.

Whoa... even I have not been there. :-)

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very beautiful, beautiful place to swim, the style that you display I like, thank you for sharing, @janicehung, ☺️

Love to read it.
I would be watching this video at my free time.

Thank you for your advice, the occasional relaxation can make us think about life better, and not be overwhelmed by the hustle of life.

I watched your whole video. Lovely place, like it vary much.

Wonderful post!! Resteemed!!

You are so hot great to see you again @janicehung.

Well my dear @janicehung. Just tell me when and I can teach you in a couple of hours how to play pool like an authentic goddess. Almost at the same level as you do with your martial arts. I promise!! :)

And I can also offer a terrific good deal to you for this sport's schooling session. You can pay me back this intensive workshop with only one of those shiny smiles of yours and... and... and, well yeah! at least bribe me with a handful of dishes with each one of those yummy desserts you've enjoyed over there on that Marina Bay Spa. Hahahaha

Yeah baby. I'm kind of a sweeeet chap!!

Cheers!! }:)

Looks like fun.

Looks like you really enjoyed yourself here. I feel relaxed just by watching you. Wish I could visit there too, seems like a wonderful place. It was made more wonderful by your presence.

The place is perfect for total relaxation! You look awesome, Ms. Janice!

Awesome video! I can only dream of going to place like this what a great way to spend your day @janicehung ! The food looked so delicious, you really need to learn to play pool lol that was fun !😂 Upped and following , I will subscribe , your video was really well done, I loved it !💕✌👍

beautiful place that it. very nice

Nice video, upvote :)

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