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Being able to do a front splits is a great way to showcase your flexibility,
but being able to do it successfully needs high level of persistence and patience.
Training for splits helps to build useful flexibility throughout your lower body.
You can develop it slowly and gradually so here's my how to get your front splits fast and
easy + effective tips to help guide you achieve it.


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Hello @janicehung, excellent and precise movements, since the warm-up, you know my daughter was practicing gymnastics two years ago and manages to learn to open up, of course not as perfect as you, thank you for such a wonderful class. Happiness Always.

Useful Tips

Excellent post my friend nice one 👍

Thanks a lot for giving precious information. You are doing well for all steamians.

great, video. thanks for sharing...

You are a great artist. The choreography is great. Thank you for sharing with us. @janicehung

Dear @janicehung ,

You are so careful woman about health. great job. Your post inspire us to keep healthy. Go on dear. Best of luck for you.

Superb you done a great job. You done some very difficult task. Best of luck.

dear @janicehung
so fentastic fitness,,you looking so awesome

Wow! You do those front splits so effortlessly. Amazing tips so I can do my splits better as well. Thank you for sharing this!

good video and nice article,,,It is a good exercise,,i like it little,,thanks ,,

Nice tips! I really want to get my front splits!! ;)
I need to add these into my workout!

You are not only tough and a fighter but you are also very talented actress @janicehung, I’ve seen you today on tv at Contessa and you had a good fight seen with Contessa! Glad to see you on their show...

great video, she are very beutiful woman, I like this video and i want to fitness like that. Thanks @janicehung

wow, a great move there.
might be helpful.
thanks for sharing it.

Hello mam @janicehung

Thanks for sharing dlive.I am watching your vedio about fitness tricks. It really helps us our perfect fitness. Keep sharing mam.

Wishing you all the best.

Very Impormative :) Thank you ms Janice Hung.

its so marvelous fitness ,,so looking fentastic ,,
really its need for body

great fitness is needed for sound our health ,,
great fitness of looking smart and like be a model ,

Hey @janicehung, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! :)


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I have limited flexibility. Is it physically impossible for some people to do a split?

O M G!!!
i feel something something,,,
Thanks for giving entertainment,,

Oh very impressive to see this as it motivates me to exercise and so at your age since flexibility is lost, best regards, your video is very good.

dear @janicehung
wow, a great move there.
might be helpful.
thanks for sharing it.

Your artical and video very good

Really impressive girl to see your flexibility and how important you do your career and this video very representative and explanatory on how to perform this type of exercise, greetings.


Greetings, I would like to have your age and have that great flexibility, it reminds me of my last days of exercises, I hope and this good girl.

Amazing post!! Thanks for sharing @janicehung

I can stretch a little but not that much. Love the video, Janice.

Excellent and very practical.

in the backward post first time i was see you on youtube you are doing great exercise i think its difficult for me