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I have introduced you to my special place, my home away from home, Fontana Hot Spring Leisure Parks.

In this second part, I will tour you more in detail around Fontana to see the different amenities of the place.

Here I went to see one of the best designed regular golf courses in the Philippines inside the Fontana Leisure Parks.
Also featured here is one of my favorite restaurants, Red 8, where I went to satisfy my Chinese food cravings.

Even while on vacation, I make sure to keep fit and active so watch to see some of my tips to stay healthy.

Come join me by watching this vlog!

Special Thanks to Fontana Leisure Parks.


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Great resort, the food looks great! Was that Mount Pinatubo in the background by the golf course?

This makes me very hungry and its not my food cheat day! Oh, I have to wait till the weekend to eat Chinese food...I have to remember not to watch your foodie videos during the week ;)

Steamed shrimp dumpling is my favourite

Dim Sum Rules!

Wow! Now I am craving for dimsum. Such a wonderful place but it is made more wonderful because of you. Missing this place but I miss you more.

There you go this one works perfectly.

very well documented of your journey and good video shooting

I am so glad to see these videos thanks for sharing everything with us.

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Wow awesome place,is this your country.

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Hahah thanks again for sharing.

Best ipercunity

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Wow..thank you for sharing..😀😀👍

Superb video you made me hungry today with these dishes.

such a great video:)

very good i like this

I love chinese food sunshine_80_anim_gif[1].gif

Great site, very spectacular and great experience, right?

Killer production! There's a restaurant in Las Vegas at the Wynn called Red 8 too...pretty good!

very good i like this

真正的Chinese Food还是要来中国