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In everything we do, preparation is very necessary.
Before I go to the gym, I make sure that everything I need is inside my gym bag.
Today, I’m going to share with you my gym essentials,
the things that I normally bring to the gym,
and my personal favorite items for working out.


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Great info! Haha I have a Mickey Mouse just like yours. My dad was the Dean of Disney University.

Thank you for sharing the things in your gym bag. Amazing workout as always too!

A bit reminded me of the #whatsinmybag challenge we had some time back.

You are the best fitness guru in the world!! The prettiest too!!
I like the core workout. I'll be trying that soon.
Papa Bear Hugs!!

Water is essential because when doing exercises you can never forget, for hydration or fatigue. I also liked the idea of a pair of additional shoes in the bag, it is advisable to always bring extra ones, for comfort. Probably some additional shirt or flannel would be a great idea to wear it too.

Great video really i love your fitness tips.

Además de llenarlo de energías positivas.
Un abrazo @janicehung

yes mostly time we need a lot things at gym but if you have beg in gym then very helpful .. and you look very slim and beautiful.. have a good day :) good luck

Hahaha yoga mat,but you are my fitness trainer thank you so much @janicehung

You are made a very nice bag. There's everything that's needed. Thank you for sharing with us. @janicehung

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