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I have an active lifestyle and I make sure to wear apparel that is comfortable and fit me well.
For my shoes, I make sure to wear proper footwear to achieve my fitness goals.

In fact, inappropriate shoes may lead to discomfort and injury.
I invest in high quality shoes that are not only comfortable but stylish and affordable at the same time.

I also support local Filipino brands so I am glad I found the perfect shoes for me that's proudly Pinoy.


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I didn’t know about this Pinoy brand of shoes, thanks!

Wooow! Ang gaganda ng mga shoooess. :) And you're so pretty as always @janicehung :D :)

The shoes are really amazing,thanks a lot for sharing the video.

I am glad to see you again you are my fitness guru @janicehung.

Supporting local brands is really good especially when they make quality products like that!

The shoes look amazing on you. Indeed, what is important is it feels comfortable, especially for your active lifestyle. Amazing inner thigh workout as well!

It was very cool to go shopping with you for the World Balance shoes.
Your workout was amazing. Your measure of fitness is really impressive!!
Bear Hugs!!

Pinoy shoes are my favorite too.

Hello @janicehung great to see you,thanks for the video.

I really love your lifestyle and hope i can also an active life style as you.

How nice that you share this, also nice shoes because they are perfect for exercise.

Hello how are you i am waiting for your fitness videos.

Shopping is a great pleasure for human psychology. You bought great products. Use it on good days. @janicehung

I think your life style is very gorgeous , enjoy your life and shopping.

Can I have 1? A gift for me? OASICS indoor shoes fro volleyball? Nayahhaha.. Just kidding... Stay pretty!!! (^_^)